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    Why so popular in Ukraine outbound tourism? Why do people choose instead of the Crimean coast resorts of Egypt and Turkey. If rasmotret reasons, we can provide quality service and value. Easier for Ukrainian citizens small amount of money to overpay and go to a foreign resort with a higher level of service. ge&q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery offer more in-depth analysis. Just not our tourist izbolovanny exotic tours, tourism in general. On the day for today's holiday in the Crimea, no surprised, but raskazat beautiful story of Egypt or Turkey, it will be interesting to everyone. Ipoetomu 70 percent of Ukrainian tourists otpravlyayutsya it is in these countries (see Tourist Lakitur), but not in the Crimea and the Carpathians.

    Likewise, we can observe positive changes in the last 2-3 years in the development of domestic tourism in Ukraine. Construction of new hotels, develop air services, increasing the flow of tourists from different countries in Ukraine. And of course, the most the main thing that we expect – Euro 2012. It is no small achievement in this work is the adoption by Ukraine of the European football championship. Nova roads, hotels, stadiums, and more …

    Euro will last a month, and we use all these years. At present the situation, we can hope to interest foreign tourists to Ukraine through which it 2-3 years. And that Ukrainian tourists will travel to exotic resorts only other countries world or distant islands, to examine the historical monuments and other attractions. And his short vacation in Europe will carry out the resort on the Crimean coast and ski Carpathians. And our travel agency Lakitur Luckytour will not engage in SMS service of tourists in Egypt and Turkey, and the organization of tours to Ukraine for tourists from other countries.

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    Thailand coated with coconut palms, Samui island – the third largest in Thailand. There is only one in the country diving center for LGBT people. Rainbow club arranges diving trips to the quiet Gulf of Thailand around Koh Tao (also known as Turtle Island) and north – to the famous sail-rock. There you can see, as through a hole in the rock shoals swim plataksov (also called fish-bats) and giant groupers, but if lucky – and then as whale sharks feed on plankton. Gay-get-together on Koh Samui, certainly less violent than neighboring Phuket (about 40 minutes by plane).

    All entertainment for gay men on Samui are concentrated on the eastern around the coast of Chaweng Beach. This includes 5 wonderful gay bars and the elite men's spa. Curacao Curacao Island is the center of the Netherlands Antilles islands of the Caribbean. We have made this island on our list not only because of its interesting in terms of diving reefs and ruins, but as the only official site for gay tourism throughout the Caribbean. LGBT-friendly operator Ocean Encounters located on the southeast coast Curacao Underwater Park is just five minutes from the night gay club Willemstad's late. In the western part of the house is gay Kura Hulanda, in 100 feet of which is filled with fish reef. There are common excursions to fantastic beautiful scenery of hard corals Mushroom Forest.

    Look for private gay tour? Then you should contact the firm Alyson Adventures. It is on such gay-only tours, the company specializes. Great Barrier Reef is the Welcome to large underwater survey of the earth! Great Barrier Reef made even in the World Heritage List. The length of the reef up to 1400 miles along the Queensland coast of Australia. In a large barrier reef inhabited by 400 types of coral, Rare green turtles, giant clams, and 1,500 species of fish.

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    Thus, the protagonist of this history became my good friend, let's call it – Bob. So, Bob had a strong weakness for all women on the planet: he generously distributed tweaks and bangs on a soft place, accompanying all this is childish uhmylochkami and good-natured smile. And he had a chance to fly to Sicily Sicilian airline stewardess … All, of course, were also Sicilian …. And how! Curvaceous, chernyuschschie eyelashes, languid eyes …

    And as for the old Russian tradition, Bob began to celebrate their holidays still in the airport, looking into the duty-free, by the time he was already landing in a rather "good" condition. Naturally, he could not resist the charms of Sicily and by the divas mid-flight, gave generously to them all clapping by the pope … but the last (behold she Sicilian blood!) after the passenger statements loving everything that they think of him, put off the poor man from a plane (it should be noted that the flight transplant was in Rome) … because everything was legal, then challenge your landing … Bob could not alone with a suitcase, Bob decided to buy another ticket on another airline, he does not intend to (although you could wait at the airport a few hours and find a cheap flight options (eg 45 euros), the idea of the train, too, was thrown to the side … Vasily took a car … After deep remorse and sleepless nights behind the wheel was made welcome …

    All the island, decided to Bob, now I will avenge them all – take a rest like a king! Week really flew by like a dream, interesting places, a trip to the crater, gorgeous sea, half-naked in Sicily … (although now slightly Vasya wary express their feelings directly to the ladies to explosive, so all the slaps were heard mentally:) On the last day before leaving, he threw the car in front of office doors, shouting in the "receiving" section, he machine left in front of their nose, ran at a gallop to the front desk, not to stay again without a plane, because registration has already ended. Rest a really royal … the price … because Soon he came through on the company in where he rented a car, where in addition to the rental price was fine to add on a wild euro in 1200: Multiple instances of excessive speed (this is when he is from Rome to Sicily raced) + parking in the wrong places + threw the car with the keys inside the middle of the street (although before the office of the company), not filling out any documents to receive the machine and not passing any formalities … Since then, Basil is no longer pops the flight attendants on the pope …


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