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    In July 2011, the island is their traditional medicine in the capital is Colombo before Ayurveda in Sri Lanka has always uppercase. A wide variety of hotels, tour operators and doctors of traditional medicine devoted to create well-being for body and mind. The Ayurveda-EXPO 2011 exhibition the traditional practices under the motto of yoga, meditation, food & wellness in the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo now from 15 to 17 July 2011″. The event allows the direct contact with manufacturers and distributors of medical products, health food and herbal cosmetics from over 20 Asian and European countries. Still also hospitals, yoga centers, spa resorts and meditation sites, as well as representatives of other alternative therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy will be putting on the fair. The holistic, side-effect-free healing practice of Ayurveda perceives body, mind and soul as inseparable unity, whose Energien should be brought into line. One Treatment includes massages, herbal baths and oil treatments, meditation, yoga and music. Of stress, migraines and high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis up to asthma medicine for all types of ailments.

    About 6,500 reported Ayurveda specialists practising in Sri Lanka. After seven years studying many of them two years in a hospital experience. Famous Ayurveda hotels are, for example, the Greystones Villa in the Highlands of Sri Lanka or the southern Vatter garden, a spa resort under German management,. From 15 to 17 July 2011 also prominent at the BMICH arrive, including members of the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (NCCSL), the Ministry of indigenous medicine, economic development, industry and trade. Also Sri Lanka tourism, the Sri Lanka will be export development board, the gem & jewellery authority and Sri Lankan Airlines on the ground. Information about the Ayurveda EXPO 2011, General Information about Sri Lanka,.

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    City of Vladimir is a Golden Ring of Russia and each is associated with antiquity, grandeur, churches and temples. Green Town – Vladimir on the Klyazma – today is not only the historical center, but also economic and cultural. Our paper will describe the hundredth time, monuments and ancient heritage of the city, which can be easily found online. After reading about Vladimir today, might get the impression that life in the city still, and besides, how infinitely go to different churches in Vladimir, nothing else to do. This is wrong. Vladimir has at least five large parks: the Park of Pushkin, Friendship Park, Dobroselsky Park, Country and 850th anniversary. Depending on the season parks offer a variety of entertainment.

    Autumn in the park 850th anniversary is traditionally come LUNAPARK and attractions, summer in the park Pushkin committed horseback riding in a wheel Dobroselsky Ferris, Friendship Park and Country famous for their woodland area with lakes and ponds, where you can come to the picnic. In addition to the recently amateurs shoot Country Park offers the area equipped Paintball. In winter, the traditional entertainment of Vladimir are the skis, skates, sleds, snowboards, cheesecake. Each park is an outdoor rink with music and lighting. For fans of extreme sports in the city center are the slopes for the descent in skiing and snowboarding, lift-equipped. Calmly go skiing can be a country park and Friendship Park.

    In addition to "street" entertainment Vladimir can play bowling (Night club Z-club, Sugar-Boy," shopping mall "Dump"), go through the shopping malls ("Megatorg", "Shopping Streets", "Cruiser", etc.), lunch at the cafe ("Salmon and coffee, "" Coffee in Chekhov's ", etc.). Fans of club life well spend time at the club, "Sugar-Boy," "The Sun", "Velvet", the entertainment complex "Golden Ring", the drum-parties at the bar "Central". Also in Vladimir each week held various exhibitions of photos, painting, animals, etc. Learn the schedule of such events, as well as repertory theater and dramas Philharmonic, you can on the Internet information portals Mr. Vladimir, as well as buying any local newspaper. Vladimir work two multiplex cinemas – "Kinomax-Petrel" and "Ruskino", where you at a convenient time for you can see the new world cinema. Mr. Vladimir stay can be in many hotels and inns that are Located in the heart. Cheap comfortable rooms will leave a good impression of being in the city, and convenient location will save you from a long and tedious route. But if all you want to explore the whole city, not just the center, use a taxi, especially in the city fare is only $ 100.

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    On the Summit of Mount Snowdon once was operated in the area of Snowdonia in North Wales slate mining. Rugged terrain, Rocky landscapes and a few trees shape the present-day National Park. The travel portal travel24.com presents the region and its special charm. The mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales with a height of almost 1,100 metres. It provides suitable hiking trails for every Active holiday. Many tourists and locals dare the ascent every year. The Llanberis path suitable for beginners with its less steep route.

    For those who like it even easier, the Cog Railway, Snowdon mountain railway offers”a convenient alternative to hiking. But worth the climb, since the views of the Irish Sea compensated for so many troubles. Off the top of sweeping views into the distance. To the monument made of stone and Moss, say grown up Celtic. So Rhita Gawr, should be below the Summit of Mount Snowdon, the giant killed buried in the fight against King Arthur. The cloudy weather is typical for Wales. The area Snowdonia is one of the regions with the wettest climate in the UK. But when the clouds once forgiven, hikers on Mount Snowdon actually so feel, as if they were a piece of the sky closer. More information: magazin.travel24.com/aktivurlaub/… Travel24.com AG Lisa Neumann

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    In the central part of the Black Sea city of Sochi is located. In the vicinity of Sochi huge set of natural beauty. Indeed the nature of the Caucasus is unique and varied: a turbulent mountain rivers and fabulous waterfalls, mysterious caves and shady canyons. Sochi is the largest and most popular resort town. The city is divided into four regions: a very populous – the Central District in the west – Lazarev area, warm – Hostinsky area, alpine – Adler. Each of the districts has its own climatic features. Summer in the city of Sochi is warm and humid, temperatures can reach 40 degrees, but thanks to sea breezes, hot and dry days is very short.

    Sochi is surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges that protect against cold winds and keep the accumulated heat, the fourth side is the Black Sea. The mountains that protect the city from cold air currents, contribute to the fact that winter in Sochi relatively warm, but slushy and rainy. In January and February due to cold air masses can drop temperatures to -10 degrees, but lasts a short time. In Sochi, is dominated by soft south-easterly winds. In the evening there is a change in the coastal sea breeze, and shortly before noon, followed by coastal breezes on the sea. The city of Sochi, on the similarity of climatic zones, low clouds, no fog, and the number of sunny days, ranked first in the world.

    Sochi is very rich in vegetation, it is filled with beautiful palm trees, various trees, shrubs and flowers. One of the most significant feature of Sochi is healing water, which has a huge range of beneficial properties and mineral content of chemical elements. The parks and gardens all year round roses bloom and the yucca. In the Black Sea water contains elements that are well affecting the metabolism of the human body, cleanse the pores, normalizes blood pressure, strengthen the nails. Sochi resorts have experience treating various diseases. There are many mountain springs of mineral water and drinking balneology direction, rich in iron, bromine, silicon, iodine, boron, fluoride. Climatic conditions of Sochi have a great impact on the effectiveness of treatment, many times it is raised. Sanatorium treatment is combined with recreation. To further the nature and remained in its original form, the territory of Sochi is under state protection.

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    The DMC-travel Charter partner Star Voyage is in the Caribbean-new yachts in service. Newly launched yachts of the Sun Odyssey 409 types are, Jeanneau 53, and the popular lagoon catamarans type 450 and 500 with the new sailing yachts and catamarans to come now even the most demanding customers and larger crews to your desire yacht,”so Hans Muhlbauer, CEO and owner of the Charter agency DMC travel, asserting itself successfully on the market now nearly 30 years. For more specific information, check out Childrens Defense Fund. Newly launched yachts of the Sun Odyssey 409, Jeanneau 53, types and the popular lagoon catamarans are type 450 and 500. “Thus a complete fleet of yachts between good 10 and 17 metres in length now waiting on Chartercrews to the bare, if of course also an experienced and local skipper and/or hostess for real easy sailing” can be booked. All yachts are equipped so that the guest should bring only his personal baggage. Together with Star Voyage DMC travel offers a fleet of 30 yachts in the Marina of Le now Marin on the Caribbean island Martinique map.

    And because Martinique is a French dependency, there are Germany daily and convenient flight connections via Paris. From the base lie the islands of St. /a>. Lucia, St. Vincent, and the dream station of the Grenadines across the bow of the swift ideal for 1 -, 2 -, and multi-week trips that can lead even after Venezuela. The area experienced Hans Muhlbauer offers also a free Charter -, district -, and trip advice for its DMC customers, which can be ordered here online and unbureaucratic: toernberatung.html all the info about the new yachts, and of course the possibility of booking there: DMC travel Hans Muhlbauer Yachtcharter – maritime incentives & events Celtic str. 30a 86316 Friedberg + 49 (0) 821-7111-24, fax-26

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    Living in Montenegro and Montenegro or, though not very rich, but full of joy. It does not get angry over trivial matters, always waiting for guests, stormy love feast and at the earliest opportunity shall sing and dance. And in Montenegro live, perhaps the most wonderful guys in the world: they are all tall, strong, buxom, with large trusting eyes. Oh, you can enjoy the Montenegrin men with the same gusto as the calm sea, bright sunset or stunning views of the Boka Kotor Bay. PCRM will undoubtedly add to your understanding. To drive along the coast of Montenegro is possible in one day.

    That is not just shoot from Herceg Novi (a town in the north, on the border with Croatia) to Ulcinj (the most southern place the country where close to Albania), and traveled, stopping for lunch and coffee. Enough time for a glass of red wine "Vranac" or white "Krstac." And have time to swim, and enjoy the scenery, and to arrange little amateur photo shoot, the magazine writes Mini. ll not settle for partial explanations. Despite its compact size, Montenegro is very different. For example, the capital Podgorica. Doing absolutely nothing there for tourists: the city – a true successor of the socialist past and the like as two peas similar to Soviet regional center, built in the fifties. Of the attractions there are only a few good restaurants.

    Historical and architectural beauty to be found in elsewhere. Let's start with the legacy of ancient town of Kotor. It is protected by UNESCO – as well as Croatian and Dubrovnik, which is very close.

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    ‘My forest holidays’ you create your dream vacation in the Bavarian Forest to the newly designed website a dream holiday in the Bavarian Forest is a few clicks quite simply myself together. The craft instructions is very simple: you take a few favorite activities, mix them with the appropriate destinations and-abstechern and the personal dream vacation is finished! “” “Decide the holiday planner must be only, which of the four categories – nature and experience”, family and child “, wellness and culture”, or walking ” he likes best. “So to win not only a good overview in the variety of holiday world Bayerischer Wald, but with any luck even his self-made” dream vacation and a nice penny extra for the wallet. Cycle route Munich Regensburg Prague the sporty bike trail connection between major European cities. The existing long distance cycle route is Regensburg Prague since extended this year to Munich. Thus, the major European cities are now Munich and Prague on a largely traffic-free route, which runs mainly in river valleys, combined. Introducing the new flyer, appeared in German and Czech language. “Our tip of the month: the escape from the time”: Rolf Szymanski is one of the major figures of the German sculptor scene. Who the strong urge wants to investigate for freedom in his plastic work, this can escape from the time in the exhibition”at the Museum of Lothar Fischer in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Germany, which will be shown until June 6, 2010..

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    'Red mansion' to the Dutch way – the only wooden building the foundation of the city of St. Petersburg, has come down to our days. This unique monument, which became the first St. Petersburg residence of Peter I, was built in the shortest possible time from 24 to 26 May 1703. For two days the soldiers Semenov regiment managed to cut and stesat pine logs, paint them from the outside under a brick, and sheathe the inside of the leaf, the Dutch style. Tsarist residence there is a small size (room and dining room, hall and bedroom separated), itself the interior has been very modest. Walls and ceilings were covered with coarse rooms with white linen. Center For Responsible Lending brings even more insight to the discussion. Despite his height, I loved Peter small size of rooms and doorways, so 'red mansions' is not nothing different from the conventional wooden structures.

    Ceiling height was 2.5 meters, and the door was even lower. This temporary residence of Peter I visited not often, only during the period under construction Petersburg from 1703 to 1708 and only in summer. Since the house was no stove and chimney. Petersburg climate is detrimental to the destruction of the first act of the palace in St. Petersburg. Peter I, who already in 1723 published decree – to protect the palace. Cottage sheathe gallery, completely. After 120 years, in 1844, designed by architect R.

    Kuzmin, Palace of Peter I covered brick holster. And only in the late 19 th century, small square before the royal palace was decorated with bronze bust of Peter I, the sculptor Zabello. Since 1930, in the house of Peter I there are historical and memorial museum. Since the beginning of World War II, the museum's exhibits were removed and safely tucked away within St. Petersburg. Himself house was shelled by artillery shells, but soon in early 1945 had already been restored and opened to visitors. Today, the museum exhibit is complete, objects of everyday life of Peter's time, as well as personal belongings of Peter I and his close associates. It is worth the time of Peter the Dutch oven, lined with hand-painted ceramic tiles, as well as Peter's interior. Rooms are decorated with the house of Peter I prints, small paintings of the product unknown Dutch masters, as well as decorative items and crafts. In the museum there is a boat-vereyka made, according to legend, by Peter I. It also exhibited documents describing the events of the North War and the basis of St. Petersburg, as well as the construction and history of the house of Peter. One of the main exhibits of the museum is a plaster handprint of the founder of St. Petersburg.

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    Is the exceptional Island Iceland with Marcus Fahn to the football classic always worth a journey to Berlin? Wellness on Iceland with Claudia Conrath? Or with Bernhard Fleischmann for snow fun in the otztal Valley? You may decide that! Experience unforgettable moments with the early on Turners – at BAYERN 3 adventure weeks! On 13 October, let’s go! So the Bavarian broadcasting promotes a Iceland short-Tripp for his new competition with the presenter Claudia Conrad in November of this year. We the last winter were already on the island and are excited by this island in the cold season. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Professor of Internet Governance. Our editors have experienced much, as you have personally visited lots of highlights, all-round successful experience making the winter holiday on Iceland one. At the adventure travel Iceland of Bavarian broadcasting, the Blue Lagoon is visited as a spa experience. Here is one between the airport and the capital Reykjavik of this artificial lake, which is heated by geothermal energy and with its sulfur and mineral water even when snowfall allows an extraordinary bathing experience. This is the biggest hotpot Islands, but also the many small hot springs have their charm and are absolutely natural. See Center For Responsible Lending for more details and insights. So it’s easy just fantastic to bask in the warm water and around everything is white. Icelanders are also very resourceful, they use the world famous Museum of the Waal in the winter as a golf course.

    Yes, you read correctly! The corridors of the Museum are used as a green which is very popular with travellers and locals. Especially to mention is the high level of food offered in Iceland and here it does not matter whether in the capital or in the restaurant of the northernmost of remote farm of the island. Everywhere a very high quality of the food, which culminates by the used materials on the successful presentation on the plate, which goes into small works of art, and joins the high service. Since entering hospitable rooms directly waiting and staff very friendly to life be awakened. Also the breakfast in a cowshed on the mosquito Lake was interesting.

    You can watch in the milking of cows or watch them in the stable, which is separated only by a glass pane from the guest room. Modern hotels, homes with historic character or small, luxurious accommodation with very individual atmosphere not only in Reykjavik, but also on the country exist very appealing accommodations, that invite to stay, relax and enjoy. So, our editors have visited the oldest hotel in Iceland where even Marlene Dietrich slept during the war, that always he fear full still wears its charm and preserved. Or as a contrast that with the design hotel Thingholt in the heart of Reykjavik’s top styled rooms in black and white convinced. You can learn more on and on

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    Few people from those who hear the word 'Turkey', in front of his eyes will not have blue water, powdery, soft sand underfoot and the gentle sun. Today, tours to Turkey – the most popular form of recreation of citizens of Russia, which has long been out of Foreign turned into 'his' home. Every city that has an airport, boasts that almost half of its residents yearly vacation on the coast of Turkey. At the same time, this kind of recreation is popular not only among the citizens of Russia but also among Ukrainian citizens. Tours in Turkey from Donetsk or any other Ukrainian cities allows our former compatriots to spend your vacation is not worse Russian tourists. Special recognition holiday on the Turkish coast, acquired from the obvious advantages, which include affordable prices for tours to Turkey (in comparison with tours to the Caucasus or the Crimea), which does not require adjustment, soft, climate, excellent service, exciting excursions, good shopping and a full understanding with the locals. Check with Nieman Foundation to learn more.

    In addition, because of fierce competition among tour operators and high popularity among tourists of this country, Tours to Turkey from Ukraine or Russia, are often much cheaper than expected because of various discounts. Look at both, since the beginning of the season – a time when you can buy a ticket to Turkey for half price. However, Few suspect that Turkey, in addition to a very popular resort, is also a place rich in historical monuments and events, who played a major role in world history. For example, the notorious mountain Ararat, which according to legend, after the Flood, Noah's Ark was come, is located in the territory of this country. Now the place of the ark pier, is quite an interesting story – the members of the environmental organization "Greenpeace" created a new, modern layout of the ark, in order to attract the attention of the Group of Eight to global warming. Installation of the small vessel on top of the mountain to happen May 31. Turkey is a very religious country, a well-known 'markers' that are left in the biblical scripture.

    The sources of the rivers, which are known to every believer – the Euphrates and the Tigris – the Garden of Eden of the irrigated land are also located on Turkish territory. Laodisiya, Philadelphia, Pergamum, Sardis, Ephesus, Tiatira, Izmir – seven churches mentioned in the biblical Revelation to John, is also found in this southern country. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, the birthplace of tulips, Turkey is not the Netherlands. It was the Turks introduced the UK and the Netherlands with this unusual flower, which won the hearts of all Europeans of the 17th century. How can I buy tours to Turkey from Kiev or any other cities in Ukraine? Ordering them at any travel agency in your city or book a tour through the Internet. Flight to Turkey from Kiev is convenient in that the tourist arrives in Antalya after several hours, and after this time may enjoy your vacation at the seaside. Among the hustle and bustle of everyday, work and home troubles, allow yourself to break away from the 'run around' and a few days to get in a picturesque town, which allow you to enjoy beautiful scenery, historic monuments and superb cuisine. And if you're still in doubt, millions of Russians to confirm: ideal country for vacation – it's Turkey.


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