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    From 2003 also various canals are in the Hague has been excavated and completed, so present day visitors can perform also Canal trips. Other attractions in the Hague – Holland – Netherlands Alkmaar he was awarded town rights for Alkmaar in the year 1254 ad. One hundred years earlier a significant Church, which played an important role in the life of the believer as a pilgrimage church in the settlement but already stood. The inhabitants were the named Alcmaria victrix by Alkmaar during the achzigjahrigen war. The residents brought the Spaniard the Spanish besiegers in 1573 by good defense and tactically good flooding the polder to the task. In the 17th century, Alkmaar suffered during the religious dispute between various Protestant schools.

    Today, the city is known for its cheese market and the cheese makers that entertain thousands of tourists each time. The roots of Groningen ranging Netherlands Groningen attractions in Alkmaar – Holland – in the 300 century BC From the 600 century AD, first settlements could be taken at the place of today’s Groningen. The city of Groningen was mentioned in the year 1040 as a donation by Heinrich III to the Bishop of Utrecht the first time. Its location made it in the middle ages for merchants an interesting address, since Groningen was important trade routes. Many merchants settled in it. 1422 joined Groningen of the Hanseatic League. In addition to the trade learned Groningen but also by the Court of a meaning, that for the bordering areas responsible was.

    1580 A.d., Groningen was conquered by the Spaniards. 1594 Moritz liberated the city of Orange and incorporated it into the Republic of the United Netherlands. Thus, Groningen became Protestant. In 1672, the troops of the munterranischen Bishop Bernard of Galen tried to take the town. However, this attack could Groningen fend off. During the second world war, Groningen was the scene of fierce fighting between the allies and the German occupiers. Large parts of the old city were destroyed and replaced in large part by to, functional buildings. Places of interest in Groningen – Holland – Netherlands Makkum the roots of the town Makkum are clarified. The fact is that the city experienced its golden age in the 17th and 18th centuries. The prosperity of the city was encouraged by the lime trade and shipbuilding to be deployed. The significance of the trading town of strongly declined in the 19th century so that you become more known for tourism and for the shipyard, which specializes in the construction of large luxury yachts. In the year 2008, the Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix celebrated the Queen’s birthday in Makkum. Attractions in Makkum – Netherlands – Netherlands Zaanse Schanz with Zansee Schanz reach a beautifully situated open-air museum. Only in 1961 many of the historic buildings were to Zansee Schanz and rebuilt there. The windmills there were restored and make the place Zansee Schanz Museum, which is visited by about 1 million tourists annually. Attractions in Zaanse Schanz – Holland – Netherlands Note: all photos from this trip report you can purchase very cheap licenses. After the acquisition of the license you can use royalty-free photos for your own Web presence, newspaper, flyer, catalog, etc.. Registration and membership are free of charge! We wish you a wonderful holiday of Holland! Important note: the photos and maps are copyrighted. Use the print out of the travel report (or send by mail of the entire trip report) requires the consent of Combipix or an enables our automatic license system.

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