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    For ABACUS Nachhilfe Institute high received an award for the District of Pinneberg ABACUS – Director of the Institute, Mr Kai Pohlmann distinction. In the internal competition for the most customer-friendly and efficient tutoring Institute in Germany, the Institute reached an excellent 1st place with offices in the District of Pinneberg and was awarded by the Federal Manager Gerd Garmaier gift and the certificate of commendation. This emphasized in his speech that for the success the most effective tutoring (ABACUS attaches the note verb Esser-ung, each student) had been decisive among 70 participating tuition institutions which specialise in home tutors, which Mr Kai Pohlmann, have carried out 150 qualified tuition forces in the district, along with his team of ca.: With an overall success rate of over 90% Mr Pohlmann has significantly exceeded the Federal average of tutoring so. In his reply, Mr. Pohlmann among others, said that the now occurred Success by the individual before on-site advice, establishing a learning character image and the Lernstandsanayse for the students who perform the ABACUS Institute since 1995, has been determined. In addition, so Maria: math teacher is not equal to math teacher.

    Must be the chemistry between student and tutor. With the ABACUS concept”we can here the matching lid for every pot” find.” The independent Foundation INFRATEST has confirmed this success by Maria in a survey of parents. Gavin Baker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Finally, Mr Pohlmann offered interested parents to let (ABACUS performs basically an input analysis before establishing a disciple) home individual advice in a personal conversation. “Maria expressly warned against black workers and imitators: Unfortunately many freeloaders attempting is called to provide tutoring or to convey even teachers.” Professional qualifications, educational skills, attitudes, and the character Match between students and the ‘Freelance’ remain in the dark. works either for us, or the teacher is changed”, sums up Maria. Also be at ABACUS teachers on your tuition suitability exactly ‘knocked down’.

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    “The time in ‘School + family’: German schools can learn from American also lazy students can get: Marcus Cornelia Funke (Inkheart”, the wild chicks”) school + family reveals in the latest issue of parents magazine”, that she was a good student was, but no ambitious. Which means, that I was pretty lazy”. She thinks it’s also normal if your thirteen son Ben has even tired at school, but on very different things. She advises her young readers: take your time with the career choice. In the life detours often the most important.” “Praise for U.S.

    schools on 11 December starts the adaptation of Cornelia Funke’s bestselling Inkheart” in the German cinemas. To be during the filming there, she moved three years ago with her family to Los Angeles. To read more click here: STEM Scholarship. For her children she picked at that time schools, who are very good at it, to awaken the desire to learn and read”. The Bambi Prize winner 2008 finds that German schools at all is a lot of “” the U.S. can learn: I am impressed that worked in the United States with praise and positive encouragement far more than with criticism “, so spark in an interview with school + family”.

    She sees as the biggest difference between the two systems, that the students in the United States develop an incredible pride in their school and the community”. With Cornelia Funke you read the full interview in the current issue of school + family. Hear from experts in the field like Investors for a more varied view. The topic focus the transfer of school after the fourth grade, as well as the sustainability of the model of a mixed-age classes. School + family. The magazine for parents of elementary school students”Nurnberger Sailer published and is available for 3.60 euros at newsstands. Note: we will send you the full interview you on request. Contact: Dr. Anne Muller Ruckwitt Tel: 0821 / 70 04 55 52 E-Mail:

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    CARE and the Haufe media group launch joint Christmas action Bonn/Munich, November 19, 2009 the Haufe media group and the international relief organization CARE Germany Luxembourg launch today a joint Christmas fairy action”., the largest Secretaries community in Germany, and, a portal for private landlords (both from the Haufe Media Group), their users calling in the Christmas season to think of people not gifts get and which must survive only with a few euros on the day. For ten selected CARE aid projects can be donated here among other things to a women’s project in Zambia, a football project in South Africa and a nutrition project in Cambodia. For the Haufe media group is the target of the action, the feeling of belonging in the sekretaria-to strengthen meineimmobilie community and central values of human sympathy and sense of community back to realize are. Everyone should support in the coming weeks”the Christmas fairy, says CARE – Chief Executive Dr. Anton Markmiller. I thank the Haufe media group for this nice action the pre-Christmas period. We make a gift many people in Africa, Asia and Latin America.” The action takes place under: sekretaria.de/fee and meineimmobilie.de/fee. It is also spread via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    The press offices of CARE and the Haufe Media Group at the disposal are available for questions. Press contact CARE: CARE Germany Luxembourg e.V. Sandra Bulling thirteen morning trail 6 53175 Bonn Tel: 0228 / 975 63 46 fax: 0228 / 975 63 53 E-Mail: Internet: CARE CARE about is engaged in over 14,000 mostly local employees in 69 countries for overcoming poverty, hunger, and disease. CARE looks back on 60 years of experience in the field of emergency aid and development cooperation, has consultative status at the United Nations, and helps regardless of political belief, religious commitment, or ethnic origin. Bears CARE Germany Luxembourg the DZI donation seal for its careful use of donations and by the auditing firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), with the first place of the transparency Prize 2008 awarded. Company contact: WRS Verlag GmbH & Co KG editorial of sekretaria Fraunhoferstrasse 5 82152 Planegg / Munchen phone: 0761/3683-940 or-464 fax: 0761/36 83 900 email: Internet: press contact: Rudolf Haufe Verlag GmbH & co. KG press – and public relations Alexandra Rudolf Hindenburg str. 64 D-79102 Freiburg Tel.: 0761/3683-940 fax: 0761/3683-900 email: Internet: sekretaria Alexandra Rudolf

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    in the search after the appropriate specialist Publishing House for your scientific work even if the writing of the manuscript represents the most difficult and time-consuming part of a scientific work, the necessary steps should be never underestimated until the election of a suitable specialist Publishing House. The process of a successful publication starts with the classification of own article and is not as trivial as many might like to believe. In addition, the exact classification of papers quite significantly increases the probability of finding the appropriate journal and thus the perfect expert for his manuscript. This is important because a manuscript may be submitted in various magazines at the same time so that false choice, the result can be significant delays in the publication. English proofreading have extensive knowledge in this area, that authors can use. Especially beginners can avoid such failures.

    Although the authors and magazine guidelines admit important notes the author the desired articles in a magazine, but due to the variety of possible journals and the constantly growing number of magazines, such an approach is not only cumbersome but also precious time. Time may be a competitor for the publication of a similar article uses and sensitive can damage the career of the author. For a successful publication it is not enough therefore to associate the proper discipline to the article and to search for a proper magazine. Magazines differ not only in the discipline, they can also focus on certain articles, why is the classification of the own manuscript for a successful assessment of importance. Thus, the decision whether it is rather a scientific study, a case study, a technical report or a review, is not always so easy, can affect considerably the frequency of citation. Here, professional proofreading can give important hints to the classification. A new approach to the classification of manuscripts provide statistical methods.

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    Poll: tuition pay often even deliver. While there are many ways to finance. Markus Jung by distance learning Infos.de () gives tips. With a distance learning program, many dreams of the future are connected – demanding tasks, more responsibility and a better salary. But until that time, the distance learning comes first in the money: “In the average man spends monthly a triple-digit amount for tuition fees”, says Markus Jung, Inhaber of the independent portal of distance learning, Infos.de.

    Add costs for literature or the arrival come to presence dates. A survey of distance education Infos.de with 344 participants shows: these costs deny Extramural students largely from his own pocket. 78 percent, to specify finanzieren her studies with own income. Often, this represents a great burden. So, for example, user BlackHawk in the survey reported that she adopted–a mini job to finance their studies in addition to the full-time position. Others specify their consumption in favor of the studies clearly to restrict. Information about funding opportunities federal and countries offer financial support extramural students. But not even twelve percent of the respondents receive BAfoG grants, scholarships or by means of public funding programmes.

    “Many do not even know beScheid about funding opportunities” young agrees that low number. He advises interested parties to inform the student advisory service of the respective University about possible aid. On portals such as distance learning, Infos.de, there are practical experiences of other Fernstudenten and tips for financing. For example, it can pay to negotiate with the bachelor party: “almost all let’s talk about a discount with them”, young white. “Just for customer groups such as disabled or unemployed they regularly offer a discount.” The employer can help “Some distance learning funding opportunities deliberately does not claim, often from false shame take”, so young. “Others want to remain independent and” no commitments – for example with the employer.” The employer is involved in training costs, the employees often, to stay after end of study for one or two years in the operating or promoting committed zuruckzuZahlen back. But some externally sees no possibility of development in his current job. “The training serves the advancement within the company, it is worth to attract employers. But if one is planning a change, or of course has no relation to the current occupation, you should refrain from”young is recommended. The trouble whether wage night shifts or austerity measures – the deprivation ultimately pays off. The qualifications open new doors. “Often the position or salary improved already during his studies, because the growing competence of the employee on the employer”, tells young. Also, distance learning Infos.de user Tinka is optimistic: “we must restrict us financially quite, great holidays or purchases are not in there. But I think that we will be rewarded for keeping out.” The portal of distance learning Infos.de is speaking most extensive information and communication services on the topic of distance education in the country and abroad. founded in 2004 by owner Markus Jung, it contains more than 65,000 contributions to more than 15,000 topics. Over 14,000 registered users can exchange forums and weblogs about providers, courses, and personal experiences. With the newsletter?Currently, distance learning Infos.de?

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    Just in time for the Zwischenzeugnissen students help published an Advisor series revolving around the theme of learning. Gelsenkirchen, January 2010. It is time again: these days the assess will be awarded, and black and white, students receive your performance appraisal. Already provided the groundwork for the transfer in the summer. The assess are always taking stock. Now it is to catch as much learning as possible and efficiently to prepare. The specialized support of the entire school year, the students help published an Advisor series revolving around the theme of learning.

    There now are the two first counselor free all student aid *. Learning frustrations and learning pleasure close together often with students”, so Marion Lauterbach, spokesperson of student aid. Is the note in the cellar, it goes down the drain with the motivation. With little aid parents can motivate their children to new learning pleasure.” The new parents guide learning and motivation tips”which gives an overview of effective expert advice, which children can have joy in learning again in no time. But also the pupils themselves can do much to improve his grade. The new test guide, aimed directly at students, offers a practical guide to successful learning and a better structured audit preparation.

    The student aid now will publish further advice on current topics related to school and learning at regular intervals. “Parents guide of learning and motivation tips” the first parent Advisor, learning and motivation tips “, in collaboration with experienced educators and psychologist Dietmar Langer is, provides examples for optimum support of children by parents and should serve as a reference book.

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    Already for the third time, the established education fair in Munster is present Mannheim, the 18th October 2010 January 2011 the horizon invites the fair for Bachelor and graduate training to become acquainted with, numerous studies institutions and companies personally. The horizon allows intensive courses, universities and alternative studies and forms of training throughout Germany as well as in the neighbouring countries to check the students the gymnasiale Oberstufe, students and young professionals from the region. Universities, technical colleges, vocational colleges, and private study institutions from throughout Germany and the Netherlands will present themselves and their bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. In addition, companies introduce themselves and inform about their dual studies and training courses for high school graduates. PCRM can provide more clarity in the matter. At the exhibition stands, as well as in the framework programme there is background information on the study design: the appropriate financing of studies, the new degree structures, Abroad before or during their studies, admission requirements are these and other topics in short lectures, workshops and prepares expert panel discussions. The horizon is a major and future-oriented event not only for pupils of the gymnasiale Oberstufe, but offers equally exciting information for young professionals, which currently receive a vocational training or have already completed and want to join a study: more and more young people go this way, to deepen their practical skills acquired sound.

    Students who are looking for information on master’s programmes, will also find it on the horizon: the participating universities offer appropriate courses and will assist in intensive individual interviews. The horizon is already established at six other locations in Germany and is accepted enthusiastically by the future students: many young people have received here the crucial input for the choice..

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    Five-digit sum of donations for KiTa walk EMS Charity League together move more! With friendly and energetic support of the Bundesliga of 1 FSV Mainz 05 and ZDF digital Mr. Prof. Dr. Ronny A. could give, to kick off the year’s EMS charity run Prince, academic and tutor of the European management school (EMS) in Mainz, Germany on Saturday (16.04.2011). Within the framework of the League of charity donations for selected social projects in the region should each year are collected and bundled provided, which benefit primarily children.

    Therefore, the donations to the KiTa of the Lutheran resurrection parish in Mainz, which has significant structural defects after more than 45 years and that must be repaired by a modernization go this time. Motivated runners and sponsors have made this donation possible! About 100 EMS students and staff have worked passionately to this charity project for months and were happy that the final culmination of the charity League ran so successfully! The ZDF digital recorded sequences selected to get the special atmosphere and the many beautiful moments in image and sound. The active Federal League professionals Adam Szalai and Zsolt Low of Mainz 05 provided much excitement: signed as another highlight autograph cards for fans & visitors and were to experience. Some children even just collected autographs for their entire school! The barrel was also accompanied by an exciting children’s and entertainment: so the children had to make-up such as the ability to make, to romp on a bouncy castle or to try out but also many sponsored game devices of the old cartridge and walking in the sand on the search for treasures. Also for the well-being, care and offered a wide selection of food and beverages. So it was for example waffles and soups of MOM’s love, hot dogs by the young Union, a delicious pastry counter of the KiTa and a barbecue stand of the EMS.

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    Paid correction safe or not? If you approach writing your thesis, you are wondering whether a proof-reading by a professional lecturer is legal beziehungswese whether it is compliant with the Act. This is easy to answer: Yes, this is it. A study in Germany for various reasons many people whose first language is not German is. And since the theses, Bachelor’s or master’s theses on German (exception: international courses, whose theses are written in English but here, the same considerations apply) must be submitted, for the mentioned group of persons in any case makes sense or strongly recommended it, you even proofread the Bachelor thesis can be. At schools with a high proportion of foreigners, the professors decidedly to advise to take a proofreading service. Is a clear proof ever that a proof-reading of your Bachelorarbei t is legal and this applies of course also for German students. What does a professional editing for student theses? The basic idea of the editorial is not the writing of the work by the lecturer.

    Of course, you; write the work Represent the content and confirm independent writing with your signature at the end. Editing is so something like the “finishing touches” any modification of the content, but a gentle raising of the text, if necessary, on a scientific level. Orthography also and grammar observed, because now once even careless mistakes happen. In addition the editor checks your work on coherence and logic and advises perhaps to delete something redundant or to create a new link from text passages. In addition, contact almost always “How is that meant?” Questions on, because it is usually expressing thoughts that an outsider cannot easily sympathize. All of these editing actions represent only improvements, and it is therefore legally and alike useful if you double-check your work. If the editor or the editor so makes no substantive changes, you can give your Bachelor thesis confidently into the hands of a professional editorial.

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    Organization development: WSFB Advisory Group launches 2008 three in-service trainings for managers and organizational consultant. The work structures and relationships within the company are increasingly complex. According to many factors to consider when planning and design processes of change organization developer. Therefore, they require more expertise and a broader repertoire of method as it was a few years ago today. This affects also the demand after training for internal and external organization developer and consultant.

    “That feels the WSFB Advisory Group, Wiesbaden, therefore she will begin in this year of three fashion consultants training titled organizational change processes”. The in-service trainings take 18 months and contact according to WSFB – managing director Hans-Werner Bormann on all persons who plan in company change processes, initiate, control and make”no matter whether it is them managers, project managers or consultants. Them will be in the Training provides the expertise, complex change processes on a personal and organizational level to achieve the objectives in terms of scheduling, budget and quality”. The next training for which there are places available, starting in June and October. Interested can check on information events on March 28 or may 2 in detail about the concept of continuing education. The training courses are modular: they are divided into nine workshops of two days each. In these, the participants deal among other things with the different models of the systemic organizational consulting. Practice, perform system diagnostics, and to establish consulting architectures.

    You learn new tools for systemic counselling intervention and test their application based on real-world projects from the daily work of the participants. Between the workshops, the participants include intervention documentation and case descriptions create. The experience gained in the projects are in special Reflects supervision modules. The workshops start usually Thursday evening and ending Saturday afternoon. The venue is Wiesbaden. The training will cost 7 600 euro (plus VAT). Discount early bookers. For more info about the training and information events on 20 March and 2 may get interested in WSFB (Tel: 0611 / 157 66-10, E-Mail:, Internet:). Contact person is Hans-Werner Bormann.


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