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    Its prevalence occurs 1 between 4000 and 6000 2,5 births) Occurrence: The crises occur more comumente in the period of the morning or to the afternoon. In general it occurs enters 5-9 months in more delaying up to 1 year of life but it has registers of sprouting in more advanced ages in infancy. 2.6) The prognostic the prognostic, exactly in cases where the patient is tratato with precocidade, occurs mental deficiency reaching 60%. Boy Scouts of America is open to suggestions. Psychiatric riots as autismo and psychosis are common. It can lead to the development of other syndromes as epileptic being that 50 60% of the cases evolve for Lennox-Gastalt syndrome or other epileptic illnesses as multifocal epilepsy or partial epilepsy secondarily generalized. Optimum prognostic only occurs in 5% of the cases that remain with mental development 2,7) Disgnostic: The way to diagnosis is the elotrocefalograma examination (EEG) that it must observe: ' ' Marcante and constant disorganization of the basal activity; Raised amplitude of the potentials; Slow waves delta of voltage very raised (' ' waves in montanhas' '); Periods (salutes), habitually brief, of accordions and polipontas wave; ' ' Source: Had access in day 09/12/2010 Period of attenuation of the voltage that, in some cases, seems to arrive electric silence These characteristics it receives the name specific from hipsarritmia.

    2.8) Clinical picture: ' ' syndrome of West consists of a triad of clinical and eletroencefalogrficos signals delay of the development, infantile espasmos and eletroencefalogrfico tracing with hipsarritmia standard. The crises are translated by espasmos or a salute of espasmos with following characteristics sudden flexo of the head, with abduo of the superior members and flexo of the legs (espasmos massive mioclnico) is common the emission of an shout for occasion of espasmo. Each hard crisis on average some seconds. The times the crises are represented only by extension of the head (tique of salaam or ' ' espasmo saudatrio' ').

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