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    The official ideology of the totalitarian government finishes for causing the desmantelamento of the reasoning of the individual. This occurred more necessarily in the governments of Hitler and Stlin, having as foundation a strong party of univocal character and a fort I appeal to the wild militarism. Friedrich and Brzezinski, in its book ' ' Toalitarism, Dictartorship and Autocracy' ' of 1956, they define the totalitarianism of the following form: 1-) Official ideology for all. 2-) Only party, Been bureaucratic and hierarchic. 3-) A system of police terrorism, that apia and at the same time controls the party. 4-) Monopoly of the medias and ideology at the hands of the only party.

    The Totalitarianism is a very particular form of government, where the devices of State, as much in its ideological character how much repressive it is destined in molding all inside a society of a monopartisan system, having as craftsman a charismatic leader that makes of its will of the population, lined up to this with a fierce propaganda politics social destined to transform the subjetivismo of each individual into benefit of the State. In this ideological aspect, it is interesting to stand out the intense use of the ways of state propaganda, that usufructing of the censured press, intervenes with practically all the sectors of social convivncia, as clubs, practical esportivas, parties, radios, periodicals, posters. So that this occurred, the State looked for to define enemy for all the sides (Jewish in Nazism, Communists in the Italian Fascism, not conforming partisans in the Bolchevismo). The permanence of a hostility condition is an indispensable requirement so that the ideological machine of the dictator was placed in practical, with the intention of that thus had some legitimation for its barbarity. A primordial factor, that does not have to be of is to understand itself as the Totalitarianism was consolidated, was the historical condition in which it disclosed itself with a uncontrollable motor force.

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