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    In this set of answers, we detach that the society vision, for some, still something is distant or that it belongs to those that can make something for ' ' pobres' '. For even more details, read what Dr. Neal Barnard says on the issue. Perhaps the organizations of assessorship and support and the government. It not yet feels itself enclosed while subject of the change, but still a beneficiary of the social action feels itself ' ' of outro' '. We can leave of the estimated one that each involved person has particularitities and that the time of each one is different. It has different periods of training of changes between the involved ones in the solidary economy. To if feeling well when it is seen and recognized in the community, it if it feels ' ' gente' ' member of the community. Its interest for the communitarian problems and of the society can mean a process of emancipation of the individualistic vision or victim, of ' ' coitadinhos' ' that they depend on the charity of the other.

    In the generality, we can observe that the changes or the form as the interviewed ones if they place, has one meaning extremely positive in what we consider as process of human development or emancipation of the person human being. In the field of organization management of the enterprise, was observed that the papers are distributed in accordance with the abilities of each one, however, is perceived exactly that they are opened to learn with one another, finding that not of the account of determined services. Some say that it was in the enterprise that learned to inside make the demanded work of the activity especifa of the EES. One of the aspects of solidarity is noticed there proposal for the solidary economy, that is, the person does not need to have experience proven in the wallet and nor certifyd. But a general concern with the end item exists as responsibility of all.

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    Here I refer it the widely boarded subject in all the events, promoted for the church and all its pastorais, where among others, one of the most convicted and harmful evangelizadora cause, of the church is the comodismo. Many times presented in multiple facetas, as excuse for not the fulfilment of its obligations, in the church and the community. Therefore as well as I never heard to say, that the priest had forgotten to pray the mass, hour or place, as well as all sacred objects, for force of oath of an assumed commitment. Thus, therefore, I understand that we must pleasant set appointments in our daily all the duties, of the church and the community, distributing them enters we equitable, respecting the physical conditions of each one in adverse situations. Being that, to my judgment I do not find correct to wait that my brother makes use all of its remaining time of its tasks, that could be used in its rest or as to aprouver to it.

    To direct itself to my house to invite me and to execute commitments already assumed by me and that they will have regularly to be executed, as if it made use of all time of the world, and its tasks they were of somenos importance, denying to it thus the sacred right of the allotment. still invoking for me you benefit of salutar rest, while I leave for my brother all or the majority of the works of the church, communitarian pastoral or, denying also my solidarity to it. still shielded in the excuse of: I did not have time, I was not informed or it did not give pra to go, ridicularizando my brother. Others who may share this opinion include Boy Scouts of America. Denying thus my fraternity to it human being. I by no means do not see in my action the co-responsibility intention. (1J? 3:11) Therefore without having the intention to point person some, but only analyzing the facts, and much more them my conflicts. In seeing, to judge communitarianly and in acting, asks to me: WE WILL BE OR WE WILL BE I, THE OWNER OF REALLY? WILL BE WE OR WE WILL BE I, MORE THE OCULPADO OF THE MEN? The point of not being able to make use of some space of my time for the common good? Leaving of the principle: The time of foundation of our community, already we would have reached our evangelizadora, humanitarian goal, fraterna and conscientizadora? According to evangelho says in them in 1J? 3:18.

    E the physical body of our communitarian installations. We would have or would have I, ignored the humildade lesson, that Jesus in gave through its Saint father to them carpenter. lost to the great power. Well, in my opinion, or saved judgment better, it is in the hour to rethink everything this. irmanados all, under the flag of truce that Jesus empunhou, to imbuirmos of the purest spirit of justice, to give to the certification of the sun of the land and light of the world, making to mark thus the designs of God. That is a challenge. Let us show to us, therefore capable to be called children God and joined people.

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    In regards to the achievement of objectives the hardest part is the constancy, kept working with spirit despite adversity, you need a very big morale and is where many people cede or succumb to pressure, since in some cases it is too hard to bear for some entrepreneurs at this point. Where is the secret to staying and defeat all kinds of obstacles? It is in our mind, note the moods, actions, decisions, optimism, motivation, etc. They are generated in our thinking, it means that the root of all events may be under our control, even facts that at first seem to have no relation with our life. If somehow we could wrap our mind with the idea of our goal then it would be possible to ensure results in what you are taking and if possible, the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar shows accurately the functioning of the power of our mind and techniques to achieve integrate all our conscious actions of an orderly and efficient manner, reading this book will be given the possibility to learn to discover their true capabilities, will be surprised by everything that you unconsciously controls and may now do so consciously. Perhaps you have experienced the power of a tornado or a swirl of water, or at least we have seen on television, we noticed that these natural phenomena act with enormous power, unfortunately that power does not benefit us, noteworthy here is noted as once an object is in the transit of a swirl then this affected or you simply cannot escape from themainly when it comes of small objects. The interesting thing about the comparison of swirl is that our mind can do the same with an idea, take it with such force that the only option that exists is to succeed, to make it happen is necessary to induce that State, equal in tornadoes, before that occur there are atmospheric conditions which are which lead to the event, if we know Some Secrets of the mind will then be possible to induce the necessary States that guarantee us some results.

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    This principle of faith for the obedience, and obedience for the charity, is the best doctrine for a society and would make to finish with as many conflicts that they occur because of the religious persecutions. The way for which if it presents the distinction enters the faith the philosophy if it conforms in the proper distinction of objects of each one. The faith, according to Espinosa, that if deduces mainly of history and of the Sacred Holy Writs, if configures in the object of the obedience, in the fulfilment of the orders in accordance with the comment of the dogmas of the universal faith; the philosophy is deduced of the nature and if it configures in the object of the truth. The faith allows that each one thinks and acts philosophical regarding any thing without therefore being wrong in its thoughts, condemning with equal force those that promote the discord enter the peoples because of its certainties. The distinction between faith and philosophy is that the faith if occupies of the obedience while the philosophy of the truth. Such distinction between the fidiciary office and the philosopher is also clarified if the fidiciary office is the practitioner of the faith, that if it bases on the obedience to the order of God. Such manifest obedience if in the love to the next one; the philosopher is an investigator that, therefore, if he differs from vulgo, since he has left of the things of the nature in direction to the deduced and not disclosed truth. FINAL CONSIDERAES If to ask to a lay Christian what it is the faith, it certainly will answer that it is the same capacity or the attitude to believe in something not explicvel through the reason. Another explanation also common it can be given: it only goes to say that he is to believe in what if he cannot see.

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    Watched 'Blue Bird'? Let me remind you of characters: Soul of the World (Mother), Clocks, Bread, Fire, Cat, Dog, Grandma, Grandpa, Old Drozd, Queen of the Night, Moon, runny nose, Goblin War, stars, blue birds, driftwood, fagot, disease, soldiers have Many mentally ill, although not as often as a mattoidov (mattoid-touched) markedly desire to supplement their poetic fancies drawings, like any poetry or painting alone are not strong enough to express their ideas. Have a look at Pushkin's manuscripts. Another, lipemanyak, in the house crazy in Pesaro, explains the significance of many of his poems. 'Poetry – he said – it is – instant emanation of the soul, it is – a cry that is expressed from a shaken thousands of suffering chest. " As you are today? I forgot to mention among mattoidov adherents of homeopathy and vegetarianism, this is a kind of sectarians in medicine, advocating the mass of nonsense under the guise of many truths.

    Other exhibit strange affection for dogs, cats, birds, etc. Stewart, author of the absurd works 'new system of physical philosophy', emanated the whole world to find the 'polarity of truth' (polarita del vero) It is interesting to read. William Martin, brother Jonathan, the same that in a fit of madness burning of the cathedral at York, and John, who created a new kind of painting, printed many works to prove the perpetual motion (perpetuum mobile). After checking on the basis of 36 he had made experiments that the scientific way to prove this is impossible, the dream mattoid received revelation from God that he was elected to the opening of the first cause of all things, as well as the perpetuum mobile, and wrote on the subject of several works.

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    You are valid me mine ours lady! You supplicate for us and our children! Much they go to say that image is thing of the man, made for the hand of the man and therefore it judges not to have meant none, however, they forgive me the franqueza, but the bible also is made by the hand of the man, you to say goes there me, that was made by the hand of the man, but, inhaled for God. It is what all say. Then, it is alone to analyze, everything that the man makes, comes of some inspiration I say everything exactly. The images beyond the abilities of the man and the divine inspiration take forms of people. many of these people had been considered saints, not only for its faith, but also for the charity that had made while still alive.

    An example is Francisco de Assis, a man who lived to love to next and all the beings livings creature, its faith if it strengthened with alive images as: the man, the animals, the plants, the nature in its totality. when we look at for its image, in them makes to remember to love to all the beings of the creation, transmits a peace and it remembers in them to have as example its love. Men who are next to be angels only obtain to live this full love and to live the principle of Jesus: You love you ones to the others as loved I you and love to the next one as you exactly. The humanity with exceptions, this very far from the angel condition. As it said, the ones are few that obtain to live the love in all its fullness. Francisco de Assis is an example of the true Love, that left the theory and advanced for practises and at a well distant time. The Images they bring I obtain the reminder of as we must act, think and feel.

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    My name is Landmark Aurlio Terroni. I was born in the city of Are Carlos, Been of So Paulo. 45, married, two children. Sergeant of the Military Policy of the State of So Paulo. 1 Dan (graduation) Black Band in Karate-do Shotokan. I studied in the Schools of 1 and 2 Degrees, basic and today average, Frank Eugnio, Professor August Luis de Oliveira and Alvaro Guio. Formation of Soldiers in the Regiment of Cavalry Nine of July, So Paulo. Formation of Handle in 16BPM/M, Small River, So Paulo.

    Superior school of Sergeants, Center of Perfectioning of Squares of the p.m., So Paulo. Course of Specialization Road Policy, Cabinet of Instruction, Bridge Remedies, So Paulo. Course of Specialization Ambient Policy, School of Physical Education of the p.m. Detainer of Medals of Military Value and Personal Merit. I received the Heading from Forest Policeman of the year of the 2002 and Trophy Landmark of the Peace in 2005. I have 06 courses in the National Secretariat of Public Security, 02 in National school of Public Administration and 02 in the National Foundation of the Quality. I wrote two Monographs involving the subject of the Karate-do.

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    The official ideology of the totalitarian government finishes for causing the desmantelamento of the reasoning of the individual. This occurred more necessarily in the governments of Hitler and Stlin, having as foundation a strong party of univocal character and a fort I appeal to the wild militarism. Friedrich and Brzezinski, in its book ' ' Toalitarism, Dictartorship and Autocracy' ' of 1956, they define the totalitarianism of the following form: 1-) Official ideology for all. 2-) Only party, Been bureaucratic and hierarchic. 3-) A system of police terrorism, that apia and at the same time controls the party. 4-) Monopoly of the medias and ideology at the hands of the only party.

    The Totalitarianism is a very particular form of government, where the devices of State, as much in its ideological character how much repressive it is destined in molding all inside a society of a monopartisan system, having as craftsman a charismatic leader that makes of its will of the population, lined up to this with a fierce propaganda politics social destined to transform the subjetivismo of each individual into benefit of the State. In this ideological aspect, it is interesting to stand out the intense use of the ways of state propaganda, that usufructing of the censured press, intervenes with practically all the sectors of social convivncia, as clubs, practical esportivas, parties, radios, periodicals, posters. So that this occurred, the State looked for to define enemy for all the sides (Jewish in Nazism, Communists in the Italian Fascism, not conforming partisans in the Bolchevismo). The permanence of a hostility condition is an indispensable requirement so that the ideological machine of the dictator was placed in practical, with the intention of that thus had some legitimation for its barbarity. A primordial factor, that does not have to be of is to understand itself as the Totalitarianism was consolidated, was the historical condition in which it disclosed itself with a uncontrollable motor force.

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    For Hume these principles are consequence of a constant conjunction between phenomena that we project in the reality, and not one necessary connection. E, this debate between racionalistas defending that everything that exists is relative to the mind that is interpreting and the empiristas and realists, for who everything who we know comes from the sensorial experience, marks the trajectory of the philosophical-scientific thought occidental person. Kant tries to conciliate this dualism, between the reason and the experience, considering the priority of the first one, that she constructs knowing, but keeping the experience as the foundation for the reason to develop itself. Here, reason and experience send to the basic dualism above cited: I am the reason and the world is the experience. Hegel all constructs a system based on the dual opposition, the historical dialectic, to explain the order of the relation enters the things of the world.

    As well as Heraclitus, Hegel claims that it is the tension between the opposites is that it is in the base of everything and is thus creative source of all the things. Hegel, Nietszche, Heidegger, wanted ' ' destruir' ' metaphysics, for them the great illness of the philosophy occidental person, ' ' one history erro' ' , the split between the sensible world and the intelligible one. But none obtained to escape, as its better critics, of some type of boarding that brought in itself, a Metaphysical formatting. For Nietsche, the language that we inherit of metaphysics, essencialista, causal, scientific, is incapable to describe the reality, it strains and cuts the reality through concepts. William James (1842-1910) meant an enormous alteration in the thought contemporary occidental person. Its basic premise is ' ' integralismo' '. James affirmed (up to 1906) that the philosophy occidental person had not made nothing seno to live going of a extremity to another one in the agreement of the existence: of Parmnides (as something always static) Heraclitus (as something always in change), deAristteles (with its insistence in the material as truth criterion) the Plato (with the ideas as parameter certain it), of Hegel (with the idealismo) the Auguste Comte (with the positivismo).


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