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    You can be spiritual but not religious. And vice versa. Spirituality – this is what comes from within, it is primarily the result of the awakening of the soul, the search path of the supreme truth and its manifestation through the understanding of actions. Many spiritual teachers say that, over time, religion will disappear as such – their place will be uniting all of humanity spirituality, as the awakening of humanity to realize the Truth. Scripture calls “Watch!”.

    What do you mean – do not sleep, wake up, look for the truth. Spirituality – follow the truth. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. “Inside each of us there is the mysterious world of dreams. In our ancient sounds coming from the ancient call, a commitment to excellence, the good, for unity, love. This desire is strong, powerful, never betrays us.

    It never gets old, and not our age is important because the desire remains of the mysterious depths of our soul’s calling, calling, calling …. This statement philosopher Jorge Angel Livraga. He devoted his life to international humanist organization “New Acropolis”. It is this coming from the depths of time improving the call to love, to creation of good – and there is one Blagovest spirituality, which will unite humanity. By the way, in Donetsk, a branch of the organization that established the philosopher Jorge Angel Livraga and which operates in 51 countries. This cultural center of “New Acropolis”. Members of the Donetsk “New Acropolis” maintain the principles of bringing people together based on the ideal of universal brotherhood, irrespective of religion, the awakening in people a holistic view of the world, and help yourself and everyone who wants to live in harmony with nature, developing their own internal capabilities and learning the laws of life. “New Acropolis” not only offers a philosophical education of the classical model, based on the traditional teachings of East and West timeless values that were the heart of any civilization, but also embodies these values into practice through various volunteer activities, including environmental and charity. Good News of Good and Love and peace are in increasing the number of charities Donetsk: “Helping Hand”, “Kindness”, “Development of Ukraine”, Donetsk Regional Foundation for Assistance to cross-resistance to the Centre, “Mutual Fund”, Donetsk Oblast Charitable Foundation of Rehabilitation “Freedom” Foundation “Caritas Donetsk”, Foundation of Vladimir Teslenko, “Hope”, “Sails of Hope”, Donetsk Fund of social protection and mercy, “Blagosvit.” They assist the sick, vulnerable people, orphans, ex-convicts, homeless animals. The increasing popularity in Donetsk gaining voluntary movement. We say more: it is becoming fashionable. In order to coordinate Action willing to volunteer and those who need volunteer assistance, a volunteer agency. Since last year, the city has a program “Volunteer movement of Donbass”. Subject volunteering extensively obsuzhdaema on youth internet forums. All these signs suggest that the mysterious world of dreams – call the soul is in our contemporaries louder. The soul, awakening, filled with light. Their light is “contagious.” And in bright Easter Day, when three times and zhizneutverzhdayusche sound, “Christ is risen!

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    Achievement Test (also known as tests of success, achievement tests) are a diagnostic tool to objectively evaluate and monitor the results of education or training. The first tests of this kind appeared in the period of the test method. In 1894 the American scientist John M. Rice used a spreadsheet to verify the spelling bee to examine the effectiveness of techniques developed by them. German psychologist G.

    Ebbingauz in 1897 used a text with gaps for the control of understanding of the material of academic disciplines. In 1908, a pupil of E. Thorn-dike J. Stone published the first test in arithmetic. In the first decade of the xx Century Achievement Test started used in educational and professional practice of the United States, Germany, Britain, Russia and other countries, but in a decentralized, pragmatically oriented and actively developing the U.S. system, these tests were more widespread and intense. Go to Center For Responsible Lending for more information. To date, test method in the U.S.

    is regarded as a universal means of testing the knowledge, skills, training in all areas human activity. For admission to virtually any occupation that requires some skill and knowledge necessary to obtain a certificate. For example, tens of thousands of freelance counters for Census 2000 were selected among volunteers with the help of special tests designed to test basic clerical skills, ability to write and count. Diagnostic tests achievements in professional work, of course, much more complicated. Individual examinations are preserved only in those areas where specific knowledge on which preparation of costly tests is impractical simply for financial reasons.

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    The fact that parents expect the child a question: How could a child be called? So there is a name lookup to the unborn baby is not a simple task, a very large burden of responsibility falls on the fragile shoulders of future mothers and fathers. In the 19 century to the this case people are not treated with such importance, but now people know how the name has a huge impact on the fate and human health. Sometimes, parents sometimes do not know how your child's name. In the past century give their children names from the church list, and he was poor, because of this, many people were called the same names, but now all is not well, as in the garden will be set in a group of children whose names are so similar have children to call by name. (Source: PCRM). And do not over-bend the stick while being non-standard names, and even better to know its meaning male name to be able to find the name of the happiest girl and a boy. And do not children choose the name as a family, baby is probably otherwise acquires the character of their personality, because it is important that the child has grown person. Name can be given usually twice, first name anoint parents, called the second name of the church okreschaet when called as a name-last name-the importance of people have suffered heavy than even his name, was carried out after this great holiday with great diligence, now in our time, this holiday can not be equated relevant. .

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    More than once you probably have heard the mysterious word 'Chakra'. What is it? Let's try to understand … In general terms we consider, what is the chakra of what they are and their purpose for the common man. For life physical body, for the mechanisms of our mind control and normalization of the energy balance always requires energy. This energy comes from our central flows and naturally there must be mechanism for its distribution. Chakras do exactly this function. Many writers such as Nieman Foundation offer more in-depth analysis. Anatomical binding chakras corresponds with the nerve plexus, which in principle perform a similar function at the level of the physical body.

    In other words, the chakras – is the energy centers, storage and distributing energy. The word 'chakra' means 'circle' or 'whirlwind' So, in other words, the chakras are vortexes of energy peculiar, which are located at For two of the central energy flows along the spine, in strictly designated areas. Subdivide the seven chakras: The first chakra. The second chakra Muladhara. Svadhisthana third chakra. Manipur fourth chakra. Anahata Fifth Chakra. Vishuddha sixth chakra.

    Seventh Ajna Chakra. Sahasrara Chakra has long been known for enlightened people in all parts of the world and throughout history. They are not the exclusive domain of any one system, as are the fundamental characteristics of human beings. Chakras are symbolically represented in accordance with generally accepted rules of language, art and traditions of a people. They are portrayed in different ways, while always keeping in mind the same aspect of human beings.

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    Watched 'Blue Bird'? Let me remind you of characters: Soul of the World (Mother), Clocks, Bread, Fire, Cat, Dog, Grandma, Grandpa, Old Drozd, Queen of the Night, Moon, runny nose, Goblin War, stars, blue birds, driftwood, fagot, disease, soldiers have Many mentally ill, although not as often as a mattoidov (mattoid-touched) markedly desire to supplement their poetic fancies drawings, like any poetry or painting alone are not strong enough to express their ideas. Have a look at Pushkin's manuscripts. Another, lipemanyak, in the house crazy in Pesaro, explains the significance of many of his poems. 'Poetry – he said – it is – instant emanation of the soul, it is – a cry that is expressed from a shaken thousands of suffering chest. " As you are today? I forgot to mention among mattoidov adherents of homeopathy and vegetarianism, this is a kind of sectarians in medicine, advocating the mass of nonsense under the guise of many truths.

    Other exhibit strange affection for dogs, cats, birds, etc. Stewart, author of the absurd works 'new system of physical philosophy', emanated the whole world to find the 'polarity of truth' (polarita del vero) It is interesting to read. William Martin, brother Jonathan, the same that in a fit of madness burning of the cathedral at York, and John, who created a new kind of painting, printed many works to prove the perpetual motion (perpetuum mobile). After checking on the basis of 36 he had made experiments that the scientific way to prove this is impossible, the dream mattoid received revelation from God that he was elected to the opening of the first cause of all things, as well as the perpetuum mobile, and wrote on the subject of several works.

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    In this case the mind is connected to the new program, which has become the leading one. The human brain is included in the new mode of operation, subject to the highest commands in search of the ultimate goal, which is merger with the Spirit, that is, it is the search of his spiritual path and purpose. From the book "Transient and Eternal" All the civilizations of the universe Svetokodirovanie Maleon before they were conceived of as the Creator for biorobots service to God and His Sons in the knowledge of life in the lower Great Planes of the Cosmos. In the process of various civilizations, it became clear that at these lower "orbits" of the space available the spiritual life of the cosmos. It was then decided find a form that could reflect both external and internal state, as well as energy form of the Creator and the Creator of Worlds: – that it reflect the laws of the trinity, and was manifested essence of all processes in the universe – to internal form (thin body) reflects the spiritual life – to the external form (physical body) is an expression of the foundations of life, frame, foundation, on which all things above – set them to was to reveal a multi-dimensional creature, ready to serve God and become his employee. This is a very bold plan was revealed to him who is the head of the Pyramid Hierarchy of Light. This is – His dream, which is carried out by children of all generations. .


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