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    How do deal with this problem? Of course, with drainage and drainage works. Just before this we must establish whether there was a decrease of groundwater level. To understand this whole process, as an example look at what forces are and how affect foundations in different seasons on heaving soils, where water level goes above freezing most of the soil. Warm season is not so dangerous. At the foundation of influence are two forces: the load of the building and the resistance of the soil. These forces are opposed to each other and do not cause trouble.

    But winter comes. If the foundation is not right when the main base is above freezing, under it begin the forces of the most blistering. They are caused by the fact that the frozen soil foundation squeezes and pushes it upward. And as mentioned above, the difficulty lies in the uneven rise of the basement. and strain exposed portion of the house. When the foundation is below the freezing level, then the soil has not, but it such an impact, respectively, avoided the whole process of blistering, lifting and strain foundation. But in this situation should not forget about the impact of tangential forces. In order to neutralize them, you should use a foundation of reinforced concrete.

    Base foundation should have expanded as reference platform, and vertical walls should be narrowed to the top. It is obligatory to cover the process of moving the base layer. You can use the available materials, such as polyethylene, sand backfill, recycled engine oil. Of course, today there are more modern materials, but their cost is much higher. Not worth saving at all of these procedures, repair of the deformed basement and its restoration come much more expensive. In addition, you'll be in complete confidence that your home over the years will serve you faithfully. Attention should be paid as a process such as thermal insulation of the foundation, especially in harsh conditions of our Russian climate. Statistics show that by building the foundation loses 10-15% of its total heat. Experts recommend first and foremost building envelope to insulate basements and ground floors. It is these areas most exposed to the possibility of freezing, and this in turn may lead to the destruction of waterproofing the base. Thus, to avoid any such problems, it is necessary to ensure construction external insulation. Because of this you will not only reduce heat loss, but also will save the foundation from damage during any season.

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