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    The second coat is applied as the first. High-quality color hold only glue and casein compositions. Casein primer before use to filter. Hanes Brands understands that this is vital information. Cause of its spray gun. Cement formulations should be coated with a high porosity. Particularly strong film is obtained by staining on porous concrete.

    Prepared in the usual way the surface before applying the primer (first color) should be drench with water to a moisture content 37-40%. Primer is applied immediately after the disappearance of the surface water. Cement primer composition can be applied by spray gun or spray gun with nozzle diameter of not less than 2,5 mm. However, best results are obtained when applying the primer stiff brush. When painting internal surfaces of waterborne emulsion paints the surface being prepared in the same way as a conventional water stains. Apply paint by vitriol and alum soil is not recommended, so cooked ground surface primer corresponding color: polyvinyl acetate, stirolbutadieno-hand, acrylic, etc. When working on an oil ground surface must be proshpaklevat putty appropriate form of coloring. Priming emulsion formulations are applied by roller or paint sprayer.

    Apply the primer with a brush is not recommended, because the paint loses its properties under a long feather. For small scope of work as an exception may be applied manually priming compositions bast primaries or tassels. In this case, the layer of primer on the walls causing vertical movements of the brush, followed by shading it in horizontal direction, the ceiling – the motion is parallel to the incident light, with the final shading in the transverse direction.

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    Recently, people wanting to increase the warmth and comfort of your home, use a "warm floor" along with other means of heating. Although, unlike them, this technology heats the air below. Cold floor, especially in cold weather year, sometimes the cause of disease, often for young children. Underfloor heating systems are of two kinds of electric and water. In this article we explore the benefits of electric underfloor heating. Electric called the thermal floor, in which as a heating element uses an electric cable. This kind of flooring is simple, effective means of heating homes.

    With electric heating did not happen in sub-zero temperatures, so it can easily be applied and on the street. Compared with water heating systems electric floor very economical in capital cost and also practically requires maintenance. Electric underfloor heating can be both the main and supplementary heating system, that is to use this system can be shared with other devices. Underfloor heating can be included in any time of year, regardless of the chp. Heat source is a heating cable. Brad Prechtl wanted to know more. With it, the floor is transformed into a large panel that radiates heat evenly.

    The cable connects to the automatic thermostat (the thermostat). So you can control the temperature of the air, increase, feeling cold, or to reduce on warm days. Perpetuate this device on the wall, it's only visible part of the system. For information about the temperature in the room come to him from the sensor located in a special corrugated tube in the plane of cable termination. This situation is explained by the fact that it can be change in case of breakage. Install it directly into the body thermostat, or any place convenient for the host location. The structure of electric underfloor heating cables are included, thermal, electronic thermostat and mounting tape. On clean flat surface reflecting layer insulation is laid up. After that, fixed mounting tape, which is a strip of metal or plastic with mounting elements. With a constant pitch, evenly on the mounting tape is placed the heating cable. On the wall in the most convenient place for use, is mounted thermostat connects to it the cold end of the cable and sensor. Placed on the floor construction is poured a solution or self-leveling compound. The resulting coupler can withstand 20-30 days to complete solidification, and – warm floor is ready for operation. Cable in electric warmer floors is a long time, as well as wires laid into the walls. The cable consists of multiple layers of sound, providing high-quality insulation, upper – Teflon sheath to withstand almost any temperature. Many people believe that if the premises are concentrated a large number of electrical appliances, it is a source of harmful electromagnetic radiation. Electric floor heating this effect is not creates. Cable laid in the floor can be as solid and sturdy. The costs of twin cable above, but the electromagnetic radiation is zero. Another advantage of electric underfloor heating is that This system can be installed with virtually any flooring: wood, laminate, tile and others. Of course it is best to use natural cover because they do not emit harmful when heated substances. When you install this heating technology is not necessarily reveal the old flooring, you can resort to the heating mats. They represent the two cores shielded cable heating, which located on the reinforcing grid evenly, with a certain distance. The mats are laid on the floor, apply the adhesive, after curing it is put another layer of glue on top and have a new floor covering.

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    Connection cable cores should occur exclusively in the special distribution boxes. If this box is in a humid environment, the tightness of the cover should be provided with hermetic seals. (And for diverting zagushek karobok open posting) Cable insulation should be completely intact and without the slightest damage to the entrance of the device (junction box, socket). Mount should be positioned close enough to each other, to prevent sagging cable. For horizontal laying the distance between the two closest to each other fastenings must not be greater than 40 cm, if the cable is not armored. And 75 cm for armored. The attachment points must be on both sides of the cable when the the direction of its fixtures and at the entrance of wiring accessories. If the direction of fixing the cable vertical support spacing shall not exceed 1 meter.

    If necessary, pass through the wall, cable should be protected along the entire length insulating pipes. In cases where the cable is laid across the floor, protective tube should be slightly lifted above the floor level to prevent ingress of liquids into it and to protect the cable from mechanical damage if wiring is carried out open, the cable is often mounted on plinths, the lines, where cross the floor and ceiling, in corners of the room. When mounting do not compromise on fixing clamps, as fastened cable should be run absolutely straight and not buckle up. Laying of the suspended ceiling is strictly forbidden to lay them directly on the ceiling.

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    How do deal with this problem? Of course, with drainage and drainage works. Just before this we must establish whether there was a decrease of groundwater level. To understand this whole process, as an example look at what forces are and how affect foundations in different seasons on heaving soils, where water level goes above freezing most of the soil. Warm season is not so dangerous. At the foundation of influence are two forces: the load of the building and the resistance of the soil. These forces are opposed to each other and do not cause trouble.

    But winter comes. If the foundation is not right when the main base is above freezing, under it begin the forces of the most blistering. They are caused by the fact that the frozen soil foundation squeezes and pushes it upward. And as mentioned above, the difficulty lies in the uneven rise of the basement. and strain exposed portion of the house. When the foundation is below the freezing level, then the soil has not, but it such an impact, respectively, avoided the whole process of blistering, lifting and strain foundation. But in this situation should not forget about the impact of tangential forces. In order to neutralize them, you should use a foundation of reinforced concrete.

    Base foundation should have expanded as reference platform, and vertical walls should be narrowed to the top. It is obligatory to cover the process of moving the base layer. You can use the available materials, such as polyethylene, sand backfill, recycled engine oil. Of course, today there are more modern materials, but their cost is much higher. Not worth saving at all of these procedures, repair of the deformed basement and its restoration come much more expensive. In addition, you'll be in complete confidence that your home over the years will serve you faithfully. Attention should be paid as a process such as thermal insulation of the foundation, especially in harsh conditions of our Russian climate. Statistics show that by building the foundation loses 10-15% of its total heat. Experts recommend first and foremost building envelope to insulate basements and ground floors. It is these areas most exposed to the possibility of freezing, and this in turn may lead to the destruction of waterproofing the base. Thus, to avoid any such problems, it is necessary to ensure construction external insulation. Because of this you will not only reduce heat loss, but also will save the foundation from damage during any season.

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    It is fashionable to was the erection of suburban towns, which is why there are the typical requirements that need solutions. Assume the holding of new communications. One of the authoritative elements of building systems a sewerage system. Fundamental component of the sewerage system is a detail of the cnd. Sewage pumping station (SPS) is designed for pumping and lifting to the desired level as the factory, and household drain water. Sewage pumping station (SPS) may be executed in the shell made of fiberglass, metal body in a stable, concrete pit, or any other capacity, providing impermeability. Equipment for pumps useful for use in various environments of the life process of people. The main course, are the industrial activities, agriculture, industry and urban development.

    Pumping equipment tends to be diverse: centrifugal pumps, axial pumps, pumping equipment, working on the vortex wheel, Bucket pumps, jet pumps, piston pumps, screw pumps, manual pumps. The centrifugal pump based on the so-called image of their work. The pump of this type moves the fluid through centrifugal force. Centrifugal pumps ideally suited for movement of liquids without impurities. Vortex pumping equipment operates through the details, called a vortex impeller.

    Vortex wheel – it's flat drive with shorter blades. In operation, the drive wakes up the vortex effect. vortex pumps constitutes the rate is four times more than the speed of a centrifugal pump, we can similarly cut the amount of pumping equipment and its weight to the conservation of the same capacity. vortex pumps have self-priming ability. Negative feature of the pump equipment is relatively low Efficiency: about 18-40 percent. Such pumps will soon become useless when working with liquids that contain solid particles. sos is different models. Pumping Stations (CND) are separated by the method of work. Choose the type of control due to the current anc beyond monetary donations for the project and the need for a concrete plan. Control System sos with starting the engine during assembly at plant does not need a great financial cost, but its industrial characteristics are second-rate. Such a system regulating sns encompasses a number of negative characteristics: frequent changes of time costs, the system can operate in constant overload, can not be excluded breakdowns in the insulation and reduce engine efficiency. A similar control system for sewage pumping station with the launch of the driving forces with scp. This launch system is much more complicated.


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