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    It is fashionable to was the erection of suburban towns, which is why there are the typical requirements that need solutions. Assume the holding of new communications. One of the authoritative elements of building systems a sewerage system. Fundamental component of the sewerage system is a detail of the cnd. Sewage pumping station (SPS) is designed for pumping and lifting to the desired level as the factory, and household drain water. Sewage pumping station (SPS) may be executed in the shell made of fiberglass, metal body in a stable, concrete pit, or any other capacity, providing impermeability. Equipment for pumps useful for use in various environments of the life process of people. The main course, are the industrial activities, agriculture, industry and urban development.

    Pumping equipment tends to be diverse: centrifugal pumps, axial pumps, pumping equipment, working on the vortex wheel, Bucket pumps, jet pumps, piston pumps, screw pumps, manual pumps. The centrifugal pump based on the so-called image of their work. The pump of this type moves the fluid through centrifugal force. Centrifugal pumps ideally suited for movement of liquids without impurities. Vortex pumping equipment operates through the details, called a vortex impeller.

    Vortex wheel – it's flat drive with shorter blades. In operation, the drive wakes up the vortex effect. vortex pumps constitutes the rate is four times more than the speed of a centrifugal pump, we can similarly cut the amount of pumping equipment and its weight to the conservation of the same capacity. vortex pumps have self-priming ability. Negative feature of the pump equipment is relatively low Efficiency: about 18-40 percent. Such pumps will soon become useless when working with liquids that contain solid particles. sos is different models. Pumping Stations (CND) are separated by the method of work. Choose the type of control due to the current anc beyond monetary donations for the project and the need for a concrete plan. Control System sos with starting the engine during assembly at plant does not need a great financial cost, but its industrial characteristics are second-rate. Such a system regulating sns encompasses a number of negative characteristics: frequent changes of time costs, the system can operate in constant overload, can not be excluded breakdowns in the insulation and reduce engine efficiency. A similar control system for sewage pumping station with the launch of the driving forces with scp. This launch system is much more complicated.

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