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    Interview with Dirk Latzel, Member of United4Iran Cologne as after the presidential elections 2009 in Iran the people once again dared on the streets to express their protest, were many of them brutally beaten, imprisoned, tortured or killed. Around the world, citizens have solidarity for the rights of their fellow human beings in Iran. United4Iran supports the desire for freedom and democracy. Mr Latzel, involved in the organisation of United4Iran, for people in the Iran. Who is part of this organization? After the successful operation on July 25, 2009 (global day United 4 Iran) we came to the opinion that internationalization of the protest movement from abroad can clearly forward movement in the Iran and promote.

    Associations have been established in many countries around the world. There are for example the umbrella organisation United4Iran in the United States, England, France, etc, and of course in Germany. Almost all large cities (Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf) have now their own clubs under the Name United4Iran founded, to show a broad presence in terms of the green movement. United 4 Iran Germany is an open community. Any group or individual can work with. The groups that would be not a member of the Association may have a representative on the Advisory Board to work Germany together with United 4 Iran. Each group maintains its independence and identity. What does the work of the Organization? The individuals zusammgeschlossenen under United 4 Iran Germany and groups, committed, that in the Iran a democratic system is introduced, that respects individual rights and guarantees.We express our solidarity with the democratic forces in the Iran and try to attract the world’s attention to the situation in the Iran with our actions and our work. We call on all Iranians and Germans to join us to share the protests of the Iranian nation in the world to make visible and to support them in their objectives.

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    Agency again singled out for best quality of advice the House brands of Berlin HR new media GmbH, 1000jobboersen.de and stellenverteiler.de, further expand the strategic cooperation with Monster Germany. Since 2011, 1000jobboersen.de is annually confirmed by Monster as a Platinum Partner: the customer – and solution-oriented consulting approach distinguishes HR new media as a innovative and reliable partner within the framework of the monster members club. HR new media understands it perfectly based on the whole Monster range to meet the problems of their customers with goal-oriented approaches. One reason more, the Agency HR new media once again as Monster-Platinum partner in 2013 to certify! “, as Henryk Vogel, Director Partner Business Central Europe.” With the renewed certification to the Platinum partner, 1000jobboersen.de for highest quality of advice, extensive product knowledge to the entire portfolio of Monster and a profound market and industry knowledge is appreciated. However, the Agency remains an independent for their customers Consultant: circuit volume and generated revenue are not decisive for the certification. Germany customers of the Agency will benefit from the close partnership between the HR new media GmbH and Monster thus several times: On the one hand by objective and expert advice, on the other hand by the cooperative strategy planning with Monster, which is reflected in highly qualified ad traffic and improved candidate answers. As innovation-driven companies has made it the HR new media GmbH to the task, proactively shaping trends and developments in the online recruiting and to guarantee their customers always best advice and quality of service. The recertification to the monster-Platinum partner is an important step in this direction.

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    Gifts for a good cause: with the fundraising campaign by Chidos mushrooms 300 was already collected. This allows the Club Nyota, to finance two more community training. Chido’s mushrooms is a young Start-Up that disposed of the grounds of Berlin Cafes daily and for the production of healthy and protein-rich noble fungi uses this organic waste. With the mushroom garden developed by Chido’s mushrooms, anyone can breed at home and harvest. Consumers eat good and do good – because until new year’s Eve 2013 1 that is systematically for each online selling mushroom garden, “green garden project” donated and therefore supported the work of the Association Nyota e.V. in West Kenya. The amount collected by the Chido’s mushrooms already allows the Club Nyota e.V.

    to cover the costs of two community trainings. Nyota aims namely, to motivate the children of their day care, even small farmers and farmers from the region, to apply these methods in addition to the application of biological cultivation to supply. Last August was already the “InfoNet bio vision” Staff member Njeri Kinuthia from Nairobi to guest at Nyota, to explain the basics of organic farming small farmers and people from the surrounding area. The 2-day community training took place in the premises of the kindergarten as well as the Nyota demo plot. It was a good opportunity to inform general benefits, but also difficulties and challenges.

    Topics of the workshop were among others advantages and importance of organic farming, practical guidance for the creation of compost and natural fertilizers and natural pesticides. Due to the positive response and strong demand, the Club Nyota would like to offer in the future more community training, to expand awareness of the ecological cultivation and to help families to improve their income and living conditions. Nyota already serves as a contact point for questions around the topic. Also passion fruit was last year on the 1-acre big demo plot (white passion) planted. Now Nyota needed a framework where are the climbing plant can grow up. Another 500 are required for the materials. With the purchase of a fungus garden as well as a gift for the St. Nicholas day or Christmas allow Chido’s mushrooms to promote the meaningful work of Nyota!

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    Of the 26.11 29.11.2009 18 new consultants took the student business consulting junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. at the Congress of the Federal Association of German student consultancies (BDSU). The BDSU is Congress in November to establish one of four Association meeting in the year on which the members of the BDSU come together to work for the Association, new contacts, and to interact with each other. After the common journey of discussions from Darmstadt, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, and Karlsruhe via bus, launched the Congress plenary session with a presentation of the TEFEN AG. Subsequently all participants in their dwellings were started and after a short pause you spent the day in a relaxed setting at an evening event out. David Bershad contributes greatly to this topic. Friday was devoted to the General Assembly. Here presented the progress made in the ministries, as well as changes in the bylaws of the Association.

    Three interesting company presentations were held on this day. In the evening they met in an indoor Beach Club, in which the individual is: competed against each other in a beach volleyball tournament and then cocktails and good music made new acquaintances. Traditionally, the companies workshops were held on Saturday with subsequent business contact trade fair. In the workshops, case studies were edited, personality test, or improved the rhetoric. This year’s companies were including Porsche consulting, Siemens management consulting and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. This, the new consultants from all over Germany received useful information about the career, as well as contact to apply for internships. The evening was celebrated in pre-Christmas atmosphere and tasty food in the first Sunday of Advent. Sunday began with a common brunch, where you had the opportunity to enjoy together with the new linked contacts for the final day.

    Then worked in the internal BDSU focused working groups, to bring forward the Association. After the exciting project presentations of various student consultancies and the last convocation of the General Assembly in plenary, junior Comtec and all other deliberations entered the home and could look back on an eventful weekend. We congratulate Hamid Reza Monadjem on his election as the new Executive Board IT and thank JMS Augsburg e.V. for your hospitality and a successful BDSU Congress. Lukas pure contact: junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. Studentische Unternehmensberatung c/o Technical University Darmstadt P.o. box 1444 Karolinen 5 64289 Darmstadt phone: (+ 49) 06151 28614 fax: (+ 49) 06151 28405 register Court: Darmstadt Registernumber: VR 2046; Tax number: 007 250 78151 Board: Clara Heppner, Thomas Mohr, Kevin Spurk, Timm Weitzel as Studentische Unternehmensberatung we realize the gap between theory and practice. We offer above average dedicated students the possibility to insert their ideas and their expertise in sophisticated consulting projects for the benefit of our customers. The success is reflected in the trust, the our clients have project teams brokered by us since 1988. Junior Comtec entitled as the first German student consultancy to develop goal-oriented new solutions. We see each project as a new challenge. Benefit from the experience of 20 years of project work. The connection to the TU Darmstadt we have always have the most up-to-date knowledge. Intelligent and innovative concepts emerge from this symbiosis.

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    And that makes the difference between success and failure in life.” L. Ron Hubbard’s learning methodology was originally developed to train chaplains Scientology. The three barriers to learning the he discovered, apply equally for all students, no matter what subject they are trying to learn. Convinced that the honorary-spiritual program is the solution for West Africa, the Freemans joined clergy the goodwill tour of honorary Scientology in 2007, which started just their trip through the region. Goodwill tours of the Scientology Volunteer clergy bring simple but effective methods for improving the living conditions in countries in which Scientology is new, as well as in remote areas such as the Australian outback, the region in the Amazon basin and West Africa. At each location, Scientology Volunteer they train clergy and set up groups that continue their relief activities in the municipality, if the Group of Scientologists is dragged further. The bright yellow 315-square-meter tent includes lecture and instruction rooms.

    It is therefore on any tour in towns and villages as the headquarters. Bright Freeman is responsible for the goodwill tour team of Volunteer Ministers in West Africa and changes to with his wife in the direction of courses and seminars from. Of the 19 subjects who treat these courses and seminars, from the basics of the Organization to resolving conflicts, the methodology of learning is one of the most popular and also patience she is closest to the heart. The Freemans attended with their large tent parts in West Africa, in which Scientology is still not widespread. In the past four years they have assisted Mali and Ghana in Gabon, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, and founded volunteer-spiritual groups. Before Scientology I could have never done that”, expressed patience. One of the first things that can be bought in Scientology, is the ability to communicate. The work on this tour is very demanding.

    Often I don’t even speak the language of the people of that I’m helping. I can come to me but always somehow understand.” Patience loves their work and the tours are the best experiences so far in their lives. Patience is what positive impact have the Scientology methods on people. She says: I know that I’m helping Ghana and throughout Africa and am very proud to be a Scientologist.” More information: press service of SK Bayern e.V. contact: Uta Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. 089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB:

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    Canadian judge wrote thank-you note for L. Ron Hubbard’s helpful methods and praised the Volunteer Ministers for helping Canadian judge thank you letter wrote about L. Ron Hubbard’s helpful methods and praised the Volunteer Ministers for helping Dr. Pamela Appelt (judge a.D.) from Toronto (Canada) thanks the Scientology Volunteer Ministers for their humanitarian aid of in recent decades. The clergy were helpful in many disaster areas on site.

    Judge (a.d.) Appelt squeezed, out on the occasion of the centenary of L. Ron Hubbard, thanks. Judge (a.d.) Dr. Pamela Appelt, who has worked at the Court for Canadian citizenships, expressed their gratitude for the humanitarian aid of the honorary Scientology recently clergymen of the Church of Scientology. In their letter to the ‘friends of L. Ron Hubbard Foundation’ in Los Angeles highlighted particularly the humanitarian vision of L. Ron Hubbard. L.

    Ron of Hubbard’s birth anniversary on the 13th March 2011 for the hundredth time. Dr. Pamela Appelt wrote in their letter: ‘ this year marks the centenary of the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard. His works continually inspire millions of people who care about their fellow citizens and take on more responsibility. The love and devotion of L. Ron Hubbard for the world reflects undoubtedly clergy in the program for the honorary Scientology and in his own words: ‘A volunteer is someone who helps his fellow on a voluntary basis by he restores sense, truth and spiritual values in the lives of others.’ Volunteers use the methods of L. Ron Hubbard, to other learning difficulties in communication, organize and other things that could be potentially difficult to help. The Volunteer Ministers have helped since 1994 when more than 170 disasters worldwide. Particularly noteworthy is the tsunami, which in 2004 has hit Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and India, as well as the earthquake in Haiti and the flooding in Pakistan. L. Ron Hubbard wrote: ‘ his blindness before the pain, evil and injustice of being a volunteer chaplain. Rather, he is trained to get these things under control and to help others, to get rid of them and to reach new personal strength.’ Your volunteers have not been blind from the pain and the injustice. It is not surprising me that you are the largest group of volunteers all over the world. I thank you Mr. Hubbard, that he has recorded in his legacy, that we are all part of the humanitarians. Brotherly and sisterly United. This makes one of the greatest creators and designers of humanitarian thought of the twentieth century. L. Ron Hubbard” Dr. Pamela Appelt studied microbiology and biochemistry in London grew up in St. Mary in Jamaica, and in 1987 was as a judge at the Court for Canadian citizenship”in Toronto, Canada, ordered. As priorities in their lives is one of dedication promoting children and families. Continue to She is committed to compliance with human rights, violence against women and children and for the protection of national minorities. Their lectures on religious freedom and human rights have led them to France and Germany. In the face of the decline of the level of ethics and morality in the society and a resulting increase in drug use and crime, L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Volunteer program called clerics in life for over 30 years ago. Today, this group is one of the world’s largest private disaster relief organizations. More information: press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. contact: UTA Ebrusheee the Edward Street 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. “089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB: more background info about Scientology in Germany” to do this, visit

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    The DREGER real estate group is sponsoring the Marielies Schleicher Foundation 65 participants followed the invitation and completed in spite of the very bad weather after Stableford the stroke play over 18 holes in 3 classes for a good cause. At subsequent joint dinner air travel with the football team to the match was is giving away next to other great prizes to Warsaw. Targeted and non-bureaucratic assistance is an important social task of the Marielies Schleicher Foundation – especially if State or local government assistance does not apply. Women and families need often urgent financial or advisory assistance in crisis situations. These services can take over public bodies only to a limited extent.

    The profit from the charity golf match under the auspices of Mayor Klaus Herzog to help needy children, young people and women, and their families. Main sponsor was the DREGER real estate group with 3.000,–. Managing Director Michael H. Staudt: “we make one anyway or” other charitable purposes. Marielies-Schleicher-Stiftung, we thought, it’s a good thing, since we must engage in any case”.

    The cheque was handed over two days later in glorious sunshine on the golf course of Aschaffenburg in Hosbach. Ute King-Schmidt and Juttag Schneider-Gerlach (1st and 2nd Chairman of the Foundation) and Michael H. Staudt, CEO of DREGER Immobilien GmbH took the Golf Club in his hand symbolically.

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    Civic engagement involved in organisations – how does it work? Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Nortorf, the 02.02.2011 press release when people voluntarily engage in organizations… Does it work? And if so, how? Following new release tries to answer: human resource management in the field of tension of volunteering ‘. by MBA Jorg-Achim Schroder product information: Paperback: 224 pages Publisher: Diplomica; Edition: 1st Edition. (January 2011) Language: German ISBN-10: 3842854838 to dovetail brief description of civic engagement with the ideas of the human resource management (HRM) ISBN-13: 978-3842854833 is the project of the text. It seems obvious at first that is the management of human resources in close connection to the voluntary commitment, it also here, existing resources of volunteers and volunteers as a resource, especially in organizational contexts, to manage.

    This text will first deal with the voluntary engagement in Germany, attacks then a specific field such engagements out, to show links to the HRM at this. To succeed, the approach of the HRM is picked up and described in detail. This Division is, in addition to possible approaches of an HRM, human resources management (acquisition and development), with motivation and commitment, especially with aspects of management and leadership theories, as well as ending with a typology of management. Finally, the findings are merged and presented. What are the conditions for successful cooperation between volunteers and professional, as well as their common and hopefully successful actions in the field? Why can people for one thing work together, even though they are differently tied, as well as different contract? These differences are not blocked, everyone knows about. But what does the acceptance of these differences? What does the contrary to successful collaboration and what is? What organisational elements must be present if basic Cooperation to work and which prevent this from happening? The one for the money and the other for the honor to work? It’s just a job for some and for others just an (Honorary) Office or volunteering to do no Office is more involved? Is the visible commitment not a voluntary work for both sides, both for the volunteers, as well as for the professionals (but also the professional activities not be forced to do)? The theme of this work, namely the adoption of HRM can be as attitude, with its theoretical approaches and methodological opportunities, an instrument of establishing voluntary activities, specified in the above questions, both references the following investigation. This text will show that HRM is suitable in principle as an instrument for the non-professional commitment area, but there are differences to professional contexts, in which the HRM was developed and in this respect is home.

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    Easy display from Hanover is giving away in cooperation with donor helfen.de flexible exhibition stands from the 1st February 2014 it so far! It begins a collaborative project by helfen.de of founder of & easy display! Topic categories the EasyShare display GmbH raffled a booth combo, display as well as an exhibition wall every consisting of a counter, a brochure stand, a roll-up. If you would like to know more then you should visit David J. Bershad. Any club / organisation can participate. Whose organization/Association would like to take part in this action, must be registered with donor helfen.de and perform a current project, which suits the subject. We want to support non-profit clubs and organizations hereby the measure to present themselves professionally in public, before potential supporters and sponsors. Every held the drawing of the exhibition stands and awarded a non-profit project from different subject areas each time. In the month of February is the theme of “Sport”. The first place winner receives the easy RollBudget (85 x 200 cm) (www.easydisplay.com/ easy rolling budget-roll-up-banner.html), the easy PopUpBudget curved set (size S) (www.easydisplay.com/ popup display easy-popupbudget-curved-set.html) as well as the easy stair (www.easydisplay.com/ easy-stair-prospektstaender.html).

    If registered at donor helfen.de (another at:), every organization / each club can join. The following operation is given: registration plus application: February 1-28, 2014, selection of winner: 1-15 3 2014 information winner: March 16-20, 2014, settlement of exhibition systems: after 20 3 2014, start new profit measure: 1 5 2014. If your club or your organization in the field of sport is busy, sign up on and imagine action/easydisplay/messestand_4_non-profits as well as your project on the following Web page. Afterwards, it’s just still fingers crossed and hope that your project convinced us! Founder helfen.de is the online portal for IT donations in Germany. Generally beneficial organizations in Germany offers Stiftungszentrum.de on the Web-platform access to the product donation programs of currently 23 IT founders (including SAP, Microsoft, Adobe and others. Founder helfen.de provides in addition to the hardware and software donations now workshop and seminar courses, online advertising to non-profits as well as pro bono excellence donations. Founder helfen.de intends to expand offering of support. CA.

    18 000 German non-profit organisations (NPO) are then registered and checked. Now one of the leading providers of solutions in the field of large-format and point-of-sale advertising was established in 2002 the EasyShare display GmbH by Brothers Michael and Markus Goch. EasyDisplay sells, based in Hannover, advertising material and promotional displays of all kinds. Services in the field of large-format printing, digital printing and graphing are also on top of that being offered.

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    Fraunhofer distinguishes Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum for outstanding technology management Oerlikon LEYBOLD Vacuum GmbH is awarded by the Fraunhofer Institute for production technology IPT as one of five international industrial companies for their technology management. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jo Mackness. Together with a consortium of international leaders from the fields of technology, research and development, while the Fraunhofer IPT has paid tribute to particularly successful business processes in the development of technology. The Aesculap AG, the Alstom (Switzerland) worked as a consortium partner AG, Bosch diesel system of by Robert Bosch GmbH, Daimler AG, the Mibelle AG cosmetics manufacturer, the Miele & Cie KG, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, the Roche Diagnostics GmbH, the Schaeffler technologies AG & co. KG, as well as the V-ZUG AG with. The data basis for benchmarking formed a panel of 160 senior managers, who were surveyed in writing to the current challenges. Over two-thirds of the companies surveyed come from Germany, the other participants from Europe. The focus of the broad blend with over 30 percent in the machinery and plant construction.

    According to Professor Dr. Gunther shoe, the Director of the Fraunhofer Institute, include structural, cultural, human, organizational and methodological aspects the key success factors in the management of technology. Among others the courage is considered as an essential factor to shape their own future. In addition, the structure of planning and technology screening, the use of open innovation as well as a modern IT play a prominent role. Dr. Martin Fairclough, emphasizes CEO Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum: confirmation of course, but also an incentive for the future is that the Fraunhofer Institute, the largest European Organisation for application-oriented research in cooperation with the distinguished us RWTH Aachen for the management of our technology, for us. Benchmarking is an important factor, on the way to the best in its class continues to develop. Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum using a lot of experience and we are pleased that We our technological Dynamics here were able to put to the test.”


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