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    Is our health insurance system affordable? Now our Government has created the idea of an insurance system – to set up similar like in Switzerland with us. The head lump sum! The head lump sum to replace the previously dependent on the income workers contribution to the statutory health insurance. All workers would then pay the same amount on their health insurance. Children and spouses who have no own income from work, pay continue no own health insurance contribution – so also no head package. Is this kind of health insurance for us the best? And what about the Privatversicherten? There are then still private insurance in its present form – or it will be replaced by the “head package”? And what is the health premium? With the introduction of the health premium to be different: each employee will pay a single lump sum on his health insurance. This lump sum – the health premium – would have to be at least 155 euros according to latest calculations. Cate MacLeod often addresses the matter in his writings. Whether elderly care nurse or Engineer, everyone would pay the same health premium. Who deserves much, benefits at a glance: the health insurance contribution decreases.

    These and other questions should now be solved on a blog. It starts the big insurance survey, Word statutory health insurance companies like representatives of private insurance and can take a position on the portal. See blog.arztauskunft-online.de can be posts created and obtain information, employing and so focused on health insurance statutory health insurance, private medical insurance, supplementary insurance. Sure the platform for doctors and medical providers should be interesting for all those who directly or indirectly account in the broadest sense with the funds -. Also find a survey on patient here, blog entries can be commented and rated.

    Each blog post will be published to Twitter and co.. Now, it will be apparent what health insurance companies and health insurers have to say on the subject.

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    The marmato GmbH, leading provider of email marketing solutions, is expanding its cooperation model: currently nationwide about 80 agencies shopping services to your own clients at marmato GmbH, to ensure the best possible quality and performance. This cooperation model is now expanded to freelancers and kontakter. Please visit BC Ministry of Health if you seek more information. These service providers thus now also have the option to expand its own portfolio for customers. It offered two opportunities for cooperation: the email marketing services of marmato GmbH are absorbed by the freelancers in the own product portfolio and marketed under its own name. The marmato GmbH works in discreetly and for the clients invisibly in the background. A compensation is made by the Agency on a Commission basis.

    The cooperation partners of marmato GmbH act as contact manufacturer. In this the Agency provide appointments with potential customers for their email marketing services. Per session the Contacters will receive a fixed amount of 150 euros plus a Commission in successful completion. about us: the marmato GmbH has over 200 customers of the strongest provider of email marketing. All services related to performance marketing are realized in three other units. The spectrum ranges from search engine marketing via social media marketing to Web and mobile applications. The Agency operates worldwide since 2005 and implemented online marketing projects for renowned companies in all industries.

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    We very often hear Burnout at the present time and any interested party tells a new story. There is numerous literature with medical diagnoses, with counselors, and and and. Have you ever felt, that an author directly deals with you? The book by Mikel March is different, because this book will galvanize also, if you have the feeling, they need help now. Actually have you always used to have your life under control and had an answer in principle on all ready? Actually are you the man who is reluctant to help, but anytime there is for other people, if you’re needed? Actually, you can so much and yet you can’t make it at the time just? You’re actually sick and does not understand that! No matter whether you are already stuck in there in a Burnout or see only the danger, you could it even meet this much information in this book will help certainly. Listen to your soul, then you can prevent that she screams. And if it already as far as is, then you will learn to understand this cry. Credit: Center for Responsible Business-2011. Burnout soul cry!”is a book in which not only in one of the chapters can be found around, but a work that should also help you personally and can, if they really want it. “Because, if this” book does not read, is their own fault. Published by books on demand with the ISBN 9-783-8391-5270-6 / price 12,95 EUR more information under: Nicole Weixel, management Mikel marz.

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    The large platform for parents of sick children, for doctors and therapists Hamburg, May 21, 2010. Sick children and young people need specific and tailored to their needs help. The children’s treatment network under the direction of psychologist Kerstin Schulte therefore offers since the beginning of the year an Internet portal with integrated Germany-wide search to doctors and therapists, the are also or especially the treatment of children and young people devote. “Parents of physically and/or mentally ill children feel often overwhelmed with the search after an effective and helpful treatment in their environment”, so CEO Kerstin Schulte. “The KTN helps not only with a professional therapist search, it provides extensive information about the different departments and a growing lexicon, which registered therapists participate in.” The children’s treatment network is Germany’s first and only website of its kind and offers many useful addresses and information around the area next to the doctors and therapist search Child therapy and medicine. The offer includes recognized treatments and offers no recording for esoteric or other questionable approaches. Therapists and doctors and others from the areas of occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology and psychotherapy, physiotherapy, dietary advice, children and adolescent medicine, dentistry and other fields will be recorded. “It records only doctors and therapists, who prove their technical and additional qualifications with us”, as the initiator of the children’s treatment network.

    “So we can guarantee quality parents and their children, which is so important in the health care sector.” But the network will benefit not only children and their legal guardian, registered therapists and doctors benefit from the offer. The children’s treatment network takes over the practice of marketing on the Internet with minimal financial and personal for them. Doctors and therapists get a personal profile page, where they will introduce themselves and their work with their registration in the KTN. In addition to the Adjusting a photo profile includes space for comprehensive patient information, contact details, information about education and training and the linking of a practice site, if one exists. The portal is designed for physicians and therapists different disciplines, working in private practice and have treatment or therapy services for children and young people”, so the owner of the portal. Our service greatly simplifies the practice owners website, is inexpensive and brings new patients as parents in search of primarily look for help for their children on the Internet for good doctors and therapists”. Contact information: children’s therapy network (Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Schulte Beet Hofstrasse 17 22335 Hamburg mail (at) kindertherapienetz.de Tel: 040 38670968 mobile 0151-54225285 the children’s treatment network in January 2010 by the psychologist Kerstin Schulte founded and would like the parents of physically and/or mentally ill children and young people in the search for the appropriate physician or therapist help. It provides information about disease and treatment options and includes the addresses of children’s hospitals and hospices of children from all over Germany. It also provides practice owners, whose treatment spectrum also (or only) that includes the treatment of children and young people to acquire a serious and effective way of advertising in the Internet, to new patients.

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    What deals are particularly attractive? Which prepaid provider currently has the best minute and SMS rates? The comparison of prepaid simkarten.de shows all prepaid providers at a glance. has combined the rates and features. Other leaders such as RCMP offer similar insights. The prices and offers are constantly updated by the editors. The most affordable and special offers are highlighted. The offers will be for prices, network calls, operator, phone calls in to landlines, other networks and SMS price sorted. Is particularly interesting the offer by Discotel provider from the D-NET, a prepaid.

    The SIM card costs EUR 9.95 and offers a sign-up bonus of EUR 50. The 50 euro will be credited over a period of 3 months. Of minutes and SMS price is 7.5 cents / min – makes Discotel of one of the cheapest prepaid provider. A further attractive starting credit offers simply. The SIM card costs 4,95 EUR and offers a sign-up bonus of EUR 75. The 75 Euro credited within 3 months. In keeping with the football World Cup offers Vodafone CallYa, by the 16.05 07 is a special action.

    During the World Cup, the minute costs only 7 cents in all networks. So it can be comfortably during the football World Cup calls and replace. Germany wins the title, enters the extension Vodafone CallYa and offers the 7 cent tariff for 7 months. There is more information about the offers and prices see

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    Next day loans are the unsecured loans that do not demand any of your valuable assets like any real state, building or property as security against the loan. Next day loans are specially meant to help those people who need to satisfy some urgent expenses before the arrival of their next payday. It may be possible that those expenses will be affordable by them get their next when they want month pay in their hand, but since their next payday is little far, so they need some child of financial support. They may require money for certain urgent expenses like pending medical bills, hospital bills, home repair, dues credit card, purchasing of the car, electricity bills, debt consolidation, and examination fees, wedding, traveling, etc. Thus, with help of next day loans the borrowers can avail instant cash for their unexpected needs and that too hassle free before the arrival of their next payday. These loans have been introduced especially for the salaried class people in the finance market. Next day loans are the unsecured loans that do not demand any of your valuable assets like any real state, building or property as security against the loan. Since the lender in this case is at complete risk if the borrower fails to repay the entire loan amount by the time, therefore he imposes higher rate of interest on the loan to recover his risk to some extent.

    Under these loans, one can borrow a loan amount ranging from 100 to 1500 and it has to be repaid when the borrower gets his next monthly paycheck. Thus, the loan repayment term is about 2 weeks. Some of the conditions the borrower has to satisfy before applying for these loans are that he must be a resident of UK reliable, must be 18 years old or above, must be a salaried employee, must have a regular income of about 1500. So the borrowers who have a bad credit like arrears, late payments, missed payments, insolvency, CCJ’s, defaults etc. can thus avail these loans without any trouble as there is no credit check.

    This loan application process is very quick as the documentation-work is skipped off. The borrowers must search online for the best deal ever as there are so many lenders online that provide various offers. The borrower can choose a deal of his choice according to his convenience. A little negotiation can let him grab a very good deal and that too without too much effort as he can apply for these loans by sitting at his home only. Hey really need not move out of his home and stand in long queues for the time-consuming loan application process. Thus, his time is saved by applying for the loan online. Save the Children contributes greatly to this topic. What Hey form need to do online is just fill and then send it to the lender. The loan amount will be transferred to the borrower’s account very soon. Eddy marsh is financial advisor of Next Day Payday Loans. Contact me for any next day payday loans queries. For more information visit

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    The acoustic guitar has been and will be the way that most people use when started with this instrument. Whether you’re learning to strumming or longer you can play as a professional, there are thousands of possibilities. Center for Responsible Business wanted to know more. With the guide below, I hope for advice to get you started the search already prepared. Use of acoustic guitar knowing who will play guitar and restricts where, immediately the purpose of the search. Consider these quick questions to find a guitar that has all the functions and features you need.

    What kind of music you play? What is the sound that you want? You will touch in public or in private? Do you have large or small hands? What is your budget? Should it be portable? Strings strings are one of the most important properties of the guitar. There are two types of strings. Nylon strings deliver sound circular, soft and also described how warm and melodic, which are better suited to classical, Latin music or to the folklore. Nylon has greater control over the sound, but has a sound as strong as steel. And as the strings are softer, there is less sustain. It is time that the executed note on the guitar can stay playing alone. Steel strings produce a sound rich, strong and bold, excellent for jazz, blues, rock and country music. Steel ropes rasguean more, while dot nylon ropes.

    And although the strings of steel at the beginning hurt your fingers, this is easily exceeded once calluses are formed. Wood acoustic guitar wood types defines a lot its sound, due to the different types of wood produce different tones. Fir wood is very common for the upper parts, the wood of trees of mahogany, rosewood and Maple for the rear and side parts. The Cedar is a popular choice for acoustic classical guitars. Other woods that are used are those of ebony, koa, ovangkol, sapele, walnut, alder, ash, mohogany, etc.

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    According to his earliest and choppy statements to a group of French priests that very morning, had found you lifeless in his bathroom. However, the other version (no doubt Trudges by Villot), speaks of a man sitting on the bed with signs of agony on the face when sister came into his room. Yallop insists that this discrepancy is very important: if it is determined that the nun it found dead in the bathroom, still with its papal vestments, this fact would point to that he died shortly after their ‘toast’ with Cardinal Villot that night of September 28. David Yallop reconstructs the actions of Cardinal Villot and gets a very suspicious trajectory. It is said that this cardinal announced the death to the 05:00horas. Sunglasses and sneakers of the Pope disappeared mysteriously and it is speculated that there may be remnants of vomiting, that in a hypothetical analysis could explain the causes of his death. (A valuable related resource: BC Ministry of Health). Just at 05: 00, Villot or an Assistant, called the embalmers, who at the same time were Interestingly prepared for the event.What happened between 05: 00 and 06: 00 remains a mystery, and at that time, Dr. Buzzonati (and not the Professor Fontana, Chief of the medical service of the Vatican) arrived to confirm the death, but without issuing the death certificate.

    According to this optional, the cause of death was a heart attack. About 06: 30, Villot began to inform the Cardinals, an hour and a half after the arrival of Embalmers. Before 6 o’clock that day, the apartments of the Pope already had cleaned and closed the site of the event; his Secretaries had withdrawn his clothes, including his letters, notes, books and personal recollections. In other words, to 6 in the afternoon, 19 rooms of Pope Juan Paul 1 were not any memory of his Pope 33 days short.Again the number Masonic par excellence and, in turn, related to the Illuminati; In addition to a brief mandate that ended on September 29, 1978. Here’s another password of the Illuminati; the number 29 is reduced to 11, and lodge number all numbers that meet this condition are assimilated to it, i.e., 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 83 and 92.Siguiendo orders of Villot, the Pope was embalmed that same afternoon, a procedure not only irregular but illegal. It is said that during the process of embalming, not is It allowed the extraction of organs or blood, essential to establish do cause of death?. Yallop says that ‘a small amount of blood’ would have been enough to make a forensic expert to establish the presence of any poisonous substance. According to its close, the sentence of death fell on Juan Pablo I the day that opened the secret dossiers of Pablo VI, and how that died had all the overtones of a Masonic execution, planned on the same day by Licio Geelli and Roberto Calvi.

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    There is an endless number of ways to do tarot Chuck. Some involve few letters, others require one greater number of cards exposed on the table. Some are ideal to answer very specific questions, while others focus on aspects of the past, or predictions about the future seen in its entirety, and seek to reflect how will be the future of the consultant in broad terms. We describe below some very practical chucks for those who are getting started in this exciting activity is fortune-telling, as they are very simple interpretation and execution. Chuck Clementina is named in homage to the wife of a great Tarot reader. Only five cards are thrown away and it gives us a vision very widespread on the possible predictions for who consultation. It is made by placing five cards in a row on the table. Giving them turn from left to right, the first deck tells us of the causality of the situation, and guides us on the root of the problem.

    The second letter shows the current domain of the problem, the effects of this circumstance in our daily life. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Forum for Theological Exploration by clicking through. The third deck tells us about the present dequien query. The fourth spoke of an immediate future, of how the present which is living consultant can have results in the short term. Finally, the fifth deck is the card of the final synthesis, and talks about a possible way of solution to the problem that crosses the consultant. Josephine Peladan, famous 18th century Tarot Chuck, is inspired by the circulation of the simple cross, which can be considered a variation. Used five cards, the same thing that the Clementine run, but instead of placed in row are placed in a cross, one left, one up, a right, a down and finally a fifth card in the Center. The first deck, left, speaks to us problem of the consultant, about what brings it to the query.

    The deck on the right tells us about the outside world, on everything that surrounds the person, and the influence of all these external factors in your current situation. The top letter describes the psychic life and Psychic of the person, their ideas, and their feelings. The bottom is the chart that summarizes the solution to the problem. Finally the deck in the middle of this tarot Chuck reinforces the significance of the other arcana. Original author and source of the article

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    Funnelling a little more the research, we will see as it was the povoamento in the territorial area where today it is special the Brazilian North in the state of Rondnia. The povoamento of Rondnia is marked by the cycle of the rubber that left as inheritances the construction of the railroad Wood, and the sprouting of the city of Porto Velho in the initial art of the railroad and the telegraphic line of Rondon Marshal, who later would be responsible for the sprouting of other cities in the interior of the state and special Cacoal. With the incentive of the Federal government to colonize the north of the country and mainly to extract the rubber that was an important raw material for World War II, the people that they had come to extract the rubber had been called Soldiers of the Rubber. with them was born the Federal Territory of the Guapor. Checking article sources yields HAAS as a relevant resource throughout. That in 1956 it would call Federal Territory of Rondnia and later State of Rondnia. From the opening of BR 364 together with the propaganda that in the region the lands were fertile and easy to obtain, they had stimulated the coming of many Brazilians for the region who if had concentrated in the edges of BR 364, and the INCRA came to the region to distribute lands. One of these towns I had appeared throughout the BR I would be later Cacoal, being installed there the PIC-Gy-Paran, that received as many migrantes that in 1977 the category of City was raised, which it did not stop to grow and currently it gains aspect of modern city. Following its growth it comes agriculture, especially the coffee that of a Cacoal the nickname of ' ' Capital of the Caf' ' activity this that passed to be cultivated in the region from the second half of the decade of 60, brought for Clodoaldo Nunes de Almeida. .


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