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    1.1 Definition is theoretically considered a classical procedural legal relationship is unitary and assumes the presence of two parties (plaintiff and defendant) and on each side there is a single person and a single claim. Checking article sources yields Wendy Howard as a relevant resource throughout. However, in reality are appreciated more complex legal relationships that appear in each of the parties more than two people (as plaintiffs or as defendants) and more than one pretense; then there is the procedural institution of accumulation. There is connectivity between the claims when there are common elements between the different claims to accumulate or at least related elements between them (Art. Gavin Baker, New York City might disagree with that approach. 84 C.P.C). We can define the accumulation as a procedural institution that occurs when there is more than one claim or more than two people (as plaintiffs or as defendants) in a process.Both the subjective and the objective accumulation by the opportunity in the time in which procedural claims are proposed and the opportunity in the time in which people are incorporated into the process, (respectively, subclasifican in: to) primitive objective accumulation and subsequent objective accumulation; and (b) subjective primitive accumulation and subsequent subjective accumulation. This institution, like the joinder and intervention of third parties, has been regulated to make effective the principle of procedural economy and avoid the issue of conflicting judgements. Joinder, occurs when demand promotes an action and then within the period prescribed by law, once housed with demand, in turn the defendant interposed a counter-claim; the counterclaim at the same time is the exercise of a new action against the plaintiff, with one or several claims. In this case occurs the accumulation of shares, which is promoted with the demand and which promotes with the counterclaim and are processed together. In this case the action of the plaintiff accumulates with the action promoted by the respondent. Joinder, also occurs when two or more processes that were promoted in independent demands that they contain relevant actions accumulate in a few.

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    Now we're going to do the flowers to the composition of 'Jasmine'. For a start we need: white small beads number 10, slightly larger white, green matt number 10, yellow matt number 10, copper wire of medium hardness. Cut the wire into pieces 80cm in length and half sklydyvaem such pieces should be sounding the Oklo 40-50pcs. We start with the fact that the middle of a wire dress big white beads add up exactly half wires and the two ends of the wire dress green beads, so we have obtained that the white beads sitting in the middle of the wire, and then begin to twist the wire in any direction but the key is uniformly so that was nice, wind the wire around 1,5-2cm, it will be a bud who wants to swaying. Then on one end of the wire put on a green beads and 3 large white, skipping the end of the wire through the green beads and twists about 0.5 cm remains kakby for legs flowers, and go to the main trunk which is also twist. Then, on the other end of the wire dress 1zelenuyu and 6 white beads, and rotate around the white beads making kakby ring but not grabbing green. (All this is done 0,5-0,7 cm at a distance from the main stem of flower.) and put on 6 more white beads and then they rolled into the ring, then hold the free end of the wire through the green beads back and twists the flower stem, it will be not full-blown bud. Also, twisting the wire and continue only now, after the first 6 white beads to add a yellow beads and then dial the 6 white beads in a ring with a twisting yellow beads do not touch twists only white, and type 6 white beads, again rolled into the ring and passed through the green beads, obtained flower with three sepals which we will form. Such full of flowers with three sepals should be done on the stalk about 6-7, can also be the end of the stem to increase the number of white beads first and then to 7 to 8 which will give the flowers the size of the game. Well that's all. For even more opinions, read materials from Gavin Baker. I wish you luck and success.

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    Learn how to win the ghost of the shyness: The dictionary says something as: shyness is the fear of being judged hardly. lgum that it does not want to be judged badly by the others. Based in what I read in the dictionary I tried to understand why, and after very thinking I found two reasons that I believe to be the cause of as much pain: 1. They believe that the other people’s opinions always will be negative. For assistance, try visiting Marcos Ferraez. 2. They do not have auto-esteem fort and if they feel vulnerable. this tends to get worse when we are dealing with a pretty woman.

    Because of ‘ ‘ validation sexual’ ‘. That is, ‘ ‘ If woman rejects a pretty me, beyond the bad judgment that it made of me, I also must be UGLY! ‘ ‘. to get worse the situation still more: The masculine shyness is still worse that the feminine one. A shy woman still will have faces approaching. Already a shy man goes to be alone to expect a woman (still more a pretty one) approaching. The shy ones always fantasiam a woman (of good preference one good) approaching and wanting to know on it.

    But this a way is alone to rationalize the shyness. In the mind of them, they feel insurances thus why they do not run the risk of being rejected. In all in case that, this never goes to happen, nor pretty woman nor ugly woman goes to approach a man, unless this is drunk or is of itself, is not normal behavior. 99% of the women wait that the men go to speak with them. In the majority of the cases you will not only see a shy man if isolating of relationships and success in the love for the initiative lack, but also, unhappyly, why they content themselves.

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    At present, almost any quality website must contain at least several hundred pages, and tens of thousands of pages on this site is not that uncommon. To enhance the attractiveness of sites on them constantly added new content, and to find the right information becomes more difficult. The traditional means of navigating the site can not cope with such volume, and is becoming increasingly important quality search on the site. Developer Web site can create their own search tool, but in most cases, this option would not be too successful. Considerable effort may be required for programming quality search tool, better to use on the actual site creation.

    Although in some cases in-house development can be useful, for example, a custom search in one of the sections of the site. For example, you can find the right to organize the goods or the price of the services required. In this case, most likely, the original information is stored in a database, search and organize it's not hard. In addition, you can implement the introduction of additional conditions specifying search, or even search for compatible parts, and not only those that have a visitor. Naturally, the compatibility information should be in the database. However, in general, a full site search on their own to implement impractical. Often, to find within the site using tools provided by search engines Google or Yandex.

    The results of searches using the engine Yandex is available as a file format, XML. After processing this file, you can arrange the issuance of any of the results corresponding to the design of the site means. However, Google can automate the receipt of code embedded in pages to implement search. In the search tools Google uses advanced technology AJAX, which facilitates the use of these funds. By some estimates, now the Google search engine provides quality search more than Yandex, although the use of search within a single site is not so noticeable. The main disadvantage of the use of search engines is that the information sought is not among the pages, but only among those known search engine, that is indexed. Not only that indexing does not occur immediately, and new pages will not be found, so more of the pages may be not indexed. In addition, configure custom search feature at the use of search engines is virtually impossible. It should be noted, however, and the main advantage of search engines – they are searching for all word forms with the rules of the language. The most acceptable at the present time is search for information on the site with the built-in content management system (CMS). Almost all sites created in recent years, using a particular system, and each system supports search on the site. In some systems have several search tools, which differ in certain particulars. Often the available source code, so that the website developer can easily modify the search engine to suit your needs. Current CMS can highlight the results and use a technology called AJAX, which will help webmaster make a really convenient search tool on the site.

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    Currently, floor covering can be made of cork, wood flooring, parquet and its varieties, solid wood, of porcelain, linoleum, laminate, stone (artificial and natural). When you select, everything is important – and aesthetic side, and specifications, and comfort. Next we discuss the wooden flooring and coatings mimic wood. Natural and at the same time, inexpensive material is a wooden board. Floorboards make sandwich – two lower layers of cheap wood (hence its attractive price), and the top layer – the veneer. Perpendicular placement of layers makes it impossible to curl the board. Another plus is that the laying floorboard is a pretty simple process. Changes in humidity in the premises will not harm this material, for cleaning – all simply easy.

    Laminate floorboard like – it is also easy to install and put in order. Nevertheless, there are nuances – he made of pressed fiberboard. Outside is an imitation of wood fiberboard. As the last layer – melamine-coated, it is resistant to abrasion. Under laminate necessarily to lay the substrate.

    If you are looking for the most economical option flooring with wood imitation, then laminate – what you need. For the manufacture of flooring needed solid wood. Fundamentally necessary to choose the right color and texture of each plate. This coating is one of the expensive ones. Cutting (tangential or radial same) that has an impact on what will result in the texture of wood. Also distinguish between modular and parquet flooring, of course, the styling is different from the packing unit piece. Before proceeding with installation, prepare the ground. A variety of flooring is solid wood, but it is much larger. Under the massive board must be joists or plywood. Sometimes laying solid wood – this is not the last step: when the surface in some cases require more sanding and varnishing (oil). On the advantages of cork coverings (Teplosberezheniya, pleasant surface, easy to clean), heard by no means all – blame this state of the high price. Panel-boards – that's what cork cover, top cover them with oil (varnish), and collect them with locks, or else glued to their base.

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    It wants to say: the world that we have inside of our head nor always corresponds what it exists outside of it. This does not mean that we live in unreal or false worlds, as of beginning if he can assume when we place a proposal of this type. The real world is not a mere illusion, as they teach some religions, and also some philosophical variants. What in the truth it exists is a great imbalance between the reality, as it happens, and the form as try we it in our directions. Let us see an example.

    Two people observe the same scene. Let us ask they what they capsize, they had heard and they felt. Hardly the answers will be coincident. One will have seen things that to another one it did not see. One of them will have given more attention in the sounds that to another one. One will have perceived the surrounding conditions better of smells, aroma, tato etc. Thus, each person, in face of the same fact, will have a different experience of it.

    All we know that we are different ones of the others. We do not only know how much we are different. They are plus others are less. these differences are produced by the use of our directions. The more I cling myself to my vision of world, more I I move away myself from the people who are seeing another thing; the more I league myself in my internal dialogue, less I I obtain to hear the voice of the others, the more I I affirm myself in my proper feelings, less I I obtain to participate of the other people’s feelings. He makes the experience. He tries to hear and to understand what the others are saying without silencing that interior voice that already is giving the reply before exactly of the other to finish to express its thought.

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    Rules ENVIRONMENT, which come into force on 1 January 2012, are part of a gradual change to a new class of units for cooling the window, central air conditioning systems, heat pumps and sensational novels used to cool the large residential and office buildings. TIME FOR A NEW UNIT? The total cooling gradually declining. Some heating and cooling companies offer to replace the old equipment now to accommodate the new coolers, and some utilities offer rebates. But there is nothing in the instructions to get rid of the old system before its time. For many years the preferred refrigerant was R-22 also known as HCFC-22 or Freon 22, a brand name. But R-22, when released into the atmosphere, the ozone layer that shields the earth from dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

    In 1990, the federal Clean Air Act was amended, to prohibit the placement, recently transformed into the R-22 equipment made after December 31, 2009. Home replacement for R-22 residential cooling – HFC called HFC-410A. Marketed under names like Puron, AZ Genetron 20 and Suva, it was recognized EPA replacement of R-22 in 1996. But it's not just a question of draining the old coolant and including a new one. Systems should be more heavily built to accommodate the HFC-410A with high blood pressure, making them more efficient. Equipment developed for the new refrigerant, said Julius Banks, head of the EPA for a refreshing recycling programs, "usually built better, and will have lower leakage and greater efficiency energy.

    So for his whole life, you'll save money and protect the environment. " Along with lower energy bills, some manufacturers and utilities offer concessions on the new equipment, including Carrier Corporation and Connecticut Light and Power, although no concessions are not actually in the state of New York at this time. In addition, the federal economic stimulus bill provides tax credits up to $ 1500 for purchase in this year or later, a very efficient residential heat pumps and central air conditioning systems.

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    The Facultative Doctors, like it happens with other professionals (the Lawyers or the Professionals of the Bank for example) that, because of the activities that realise, acquire a direct bonding with data and especially sensible subjects in relation to the life and the privacy of other people (its clients); they are tie by Having of Secret in relation to these aspects. In the tactical mission of the medicine professionals it is the call Hipocrtico Oath, that ties to them is the what outside place where they develop his work, the one that contains of explicit way this To have of Secret. Indeed, doctors, surgeons, nurses, specialists see themselves inescapably tie by a Principle of Confidentiality with the patients to those who try, and that is founded on the Right to the Privacy, advocated in the totality of Texts on Human rights and effective Public Liberties in the world. Which is the main reason for this Having of Secret? Its justification is perfectly rational. All we right must perfect to keep for us same those aspects that affect to us more directly and intimately, and among them regarding our own conditions of health. In this way, the fact that the professionals in charge to guard by the same are themselves tie by Having of those characteristics allows the patients abiertamente to trust aspects to them that, otherwise, could have temptation to hide, and so its own well-being could seriously be affected, being able for example to arrive not to detect diseases or not to be realised necessary operations. Really, this To have of Secret he is one of the pillars on which the medicine for more is based than two thousand years, and its fracture would have serious repercussions.

    The Breaches on the part of the facultative doctors of his to have of secret the question that considers after this argumentation consist of What would happen if a medicine professional, ignoring his to have, revealed sensible data on the conditions of health of a patient without counting in no way on his consent? In that type of cases it could to be spoken without sort of doubt some of the commission on the part of this Professional of an assumption of Medical Negligence, by to have harmed the same clearly To have so consubstantial to its profession as is the one of the Medical Secret, injuring in this way the Rights of its patient. The same, without doubt, would have to be object of an Indemnification, which would require a valuation on the moral damage that could have been caused in this patient by the same and the degree in which its life could have seen affected by the same (We imagine, for example, that there was developing publicly that the patient suffers AIDS or that undergoes some type of addiction). The unique exception that could accept this To have could take place by reasons for public health, for example if the danger that existed some type of disease could propagate, in which case the Facultative one would have to alert to the Authorities on the same.

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    The company "INTELIS" is not afraid to take risks, and opens in the midst of crisis, certainly a new direction, opening a new business on the background of economic decline – quite a risky business. However, despite the overall financial downturn, the company "INTELIS" opens new and promising direction. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the number of laid-off employees in December 2009 amounted to 616.5 thousand. In January 2010, the number of unemployed increased by 600 thousand and reached 6.8 million people. Rising unemployment and fierce competition in the labor market contributes to an increased demand for business courses. Increasing number of people willing to improve skills or learn new skills, relevant to the period of economic instability. Add to your understanding with Jason Kotowski. The attitude to further education, a formal certificate or diploma is not important. For any company now more important than ever, really competent, qualified personnel.

    In late August 2009, during the next peak separations in the consulting group "Intelis' preparations for the opening of a training center WiseAdvice ( translated from English – "wise counsel"). The main objective of the training center – practical training, wanting to be competitive in the labor market. "INTELIS" brings together more than 150 professional consultants in various areas of B2B: in the field of accounting services, auditing, taxation, intellectual property, IT-solutions, etc. Substantial experience in organizing training workshops and professional potential employees allowed the company "INTELIS" highlight WiseAdvice Training Center in a separate area of activity. Thus, studies conducted at the training center professionals with solid experience not only in teaching activity, but also serious practical experience in their respective fields. Among the popular destinations – courses for professional accountants, training, 1c, sales management.

    In early February, the opening Training Center WiseAdvice. "Confronting the crisis through the training – not a pipe dream, but a successful business idea. As the saying goes, what does not kill you makes you stronger. The crisis makes the call and it opens up new horizons?, – says Ivan Tyagunov, managing partner at the consulting group "INTELIS."

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    To survey If today somebody dared to summarize what it sobrou of its life, that fragmentos would be valid the penalty to trace enters the frame of its personal picture? That flavor in them would pass its illustration? It would give water in the mouth or the eyes of the heart? If we placed in the scale, which side would hang, of the entremeios or of the filling of the life? Perhaps in the effort to paint it brought what it until here, in the mind it remained only the green color, saying of the hope of a new life, and the lesson of that, the ones that obtains to look at the life with the eyes of the chest only is that they can brighten up the weight of ' ' prmio' ' end. . See more detailed opinions by reading what Ronald Hamilton offers on the topic.. . .


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